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Second Season
Warner Bros. Home Entertainment provided me with a free copy of the Blu-ray featured in this post
If you are a cable television cord cutter like myself and haven't signed up for the DC Universe streaming service there are quite a few shows like KRYPTON that can be hard to keep up with. Originally broadcast on SyFy and later streamed on DC Universe, this live action television show takes viewers to Superman's home world 200 years before the birth of the Man of Steel. You did know Superman is an alien from outer space didn't you?

This show gives insights into the lineage of the House of El which Kal-El (Superman's birth name) originates from. KRYPTON shows how Superman comes from a heritage of heroes though his Kryptonian relatives didn't have the spectacular abilities he has on Earth. In fact, Superman would be just like an average person on Earth if he visited Krypton because the yellow sun of our planet's solar system reacts with his body chemistry providing the powers that make him a super hero.

So KRYPTON is more like a science fiction story than a comic book superhero adventure because its characters don't have extraordinary abilities. That being said some of the villains that comic book fans are sure to be familiar with make appearances in the show despite it taking place 200 years before Superman is born. They include Brainiac, Doomsday, Lobo and General Zod.



If you missed seeing KRYPTON during its original run on the science fiction cable network SyFy or its reruns on DC Universe, you can watch it on home video via Blu-ray, DVD or Digital. Warner Bros Home Entertainment had previously released the first season on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital and now the complete second and final season of the show is available too. Thanks to Warner Bros. Home Entertainment for sending a Blu-ray + Digital Combo Pack of KRYPTON: THE COMPLETE SECOND & FINAL SEASON for this cord cutting dad blogger to view!

Two hundred years before the present day life of Kal-El, a corrupt regime leading the Kryptonian city of Kandor executes Val-El, grandfather of Seg-El (Superman's grandfather), for treason. Seg-El and his parents are stripped of their upper class privileges and banished to live in poverty within the city's slums. Fourteen years later though the same man who condemned the Els gives them a way to reverse their fortunes.

He arranges a marriage between Seg and his youngest daughter Nyssa, which will allow the El family to be restored to the upper class of Krypton society. But then a strange man, coincidently named Adam Strange, wearing a Detroit Tigers baseball cap arrives from Earth's future. You have to appreciate a time and space traveling adventurer who sports the Old English D!

DC Comics
Adam Strange & Seg-El

Strange warns Seg that a cosmic evil is seeking to erase Superman through temporal meddling. Adam Strange (based off a Buck Rogers style character popular in DC Comics during the 1950s & '60s) and Seg-El (Superman's grandfather) soon discover that Val-El was killed to cover up his discovery of an alien threat to Krypton. The two set off to save Krypton's present and Earth's future!

Season 2 starts with General Zod in control of Krypton on a ruthless mission to rebuild the planet according to his own ideals and set upon conquering the universe. Seg-El unites resisters though in an effort to defeat Zod. Can Seg-El prevail or will the future of both Krypton and Earth be altered? Instead of modern day Earth being protected by Superman will mankind be living under the conquest of Zod?

General Zod

KRYPTON: THE COMPLETE SECOND & FINAL SEASON includes all 10 one-hour episodes. The Blu-ray and DVD editions also include 2 featurettes (The Fate of Superman + Villains: Modes of Persuasion).  You can pickup KRYPTON: THE COMPLETE SECOND & FINAL SEASON on Blu-ray or DVD from Best Buy. If you get it through a link in this post ageekdaddy.com will receive a small commission from Best Buy at no additional expense to your purchase. This dad blogger appreciate your support!

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