Thursday, February 13, 2020


Need ideas of what to watch for your next family movie night? The animated flick SPIES IN DISGUISE is a movie I've spied is coming out soon to home video. It is being released on Digital, 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD on March 10, 2020. We missed seeing this in theaters so are really looking forward to having a SPIES IN DISGUISE family movie night!

In this family-friendly comedy, super spy Lance Sterling (voiced by Will Smith) and scientist Walter Beckett (voiced by Tom Holland) are almost exact opposites. Lance is smooth, suave and debonair. Walter is none of the above. But this unlikely duo must team up for the ultimate mission to save the world when a “biodynamic concealment” experiment transforms Lance into a brave, fierce, majestic...pigeon!

SPIES IN DISGUISE is rated PG for action, violence and rude humor. Add it to your digital collection on Movies Anywhere, or own it on 4K Ultra HD TM , Blu - ray TM and DVD on March 10. Pick up the SPIES IN DISGUISE from Best Buy by utilizing this link for your purchase and this dad blogger will receive a small commission at no additional expense to you. Thanks for your support of!

Of course home entertainment video releases are known for bonus features and here is what you get with SPIES IN DISGUISE:
  • Super Secret Spy Mode  
  • Infiltrating Blue Sky Studios  
  • The Top Secret Guide to Gadgets  
  • “Then There Were Two” Music Video  
  • “Freak of Nature” Music Video  
  • Making the Soundtrack “Then There Were Two”  
  • Making the Soundtrack “Freak of Nature”   
  • Gallery: Color Keys and Moment Paintings; Character Designs; Locations; Props and Gadgets; Concept Art
While you are waiting for March 10 to come around, have some fun playing the movie tie-in game AGENTS ON THE RUN available on Apple and Android mobile devices. AGENTS ON THE RUN is free to download and play on Android and iOS devices. It does have in-app purchases for enhanced game play.


I have a treat for you though! This dad blogger has 3 codes to giveaway that will provide each winner with 5,000 credits for in-app purchases within SPIES IN DISGUISE: AGENTS ON THE RUN. Get some extra zing in your game to help you jump, juke, and slide through the obstacles this game throws at you by utilizing some pay features for FREE with these handy codes I'm giving away.

For a chance to win there are a few hoops to run through. You have to complete the rafflecopter entries below before midnight EST of February 17, 2020. Must be a United States resident over 18 years old to participate in this AGENTS ON THE RUN promotion. The 5,000 credits for in-app purchases have a real life monetary value of $1. 3 lucky winner will be randomly selected. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Players in SPIES IN DISGUISE: AGENTS ON THE RUN start off as scientist Walter Beckett. As they run through levels collecting items and dodging obstacles, new characters including Special Agent Marcy Kappel and Super Spy Lance Sterling can be unlocked. Each character also has special abilities that can be earned through completing achievements and missions.

Walter's hand-held Coin Sucker 3000 vacuum can be upgraded to increase the length of time it collects coins or you can earn him a jet pack that lets him soar over bad guys and obstacles. Special Agent Kappel can increase the length of time she can use an umbrella shield which lets her burst through anything that gets in her way. You can also achieve the option to let her drive through portions of a level in a sports car. Super Spy Lance Sterling has a glide suit that can be upgraded and can improve upon the slide kicks used against henchmen as he progresses through the game. Each characters has their own unique strengths and weaknesses that provide their own elements of fun to playing AGENTS ON THE RUN.


I've added AGENTS ON THE RUN to my phone and have been having fun playing it whenever finding myself with some downtime to good around for a few moments. I'm telling you using those 5,000 credits to get some extra lives or enhance your gadgets/powers is a real perk. Don't miss out on the chance to win one of these special codes!

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