Monday, March 16, 2020


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Know a child who enjoys sketching and doodling? Throughout the coronavirus school shutdown author and illustrator Jarrett Krosoczka will be providing FREE online art classes each day kids are out of class. These live sessions are taking place on YouTube at 2pm ET. My son and daughter participated in Krosoczka's first live presentation today and are looking forward to drawing with him during their break from elementary school.

Jarrett Krosoczka's work includes the popular middle grade reading focused Star Wars: Jedi Academy, Lunch Lady and Punk Farm books. Though his books are aimed at tweens, Krosoczka promise his YouTube live sessions will be all ages friendly. He started off showing kids how to draw two of his most popular characters in his books, Lunch Lady and Yoda.

My kids had their paper and pencils out replicating these characters as Krosoczka sketched them out online. They then snapped pictures of their artwork to share with other students from their school through an online classroom their teachers have set up to keep everyone learning and I contact during this break. They were really excited to show off their pictures!

drawing lunch lady
drawing yoda

They also enjoyed a segment where the artist along with his eleven year old daughter (same age as my kids) played a drawing game. One person scribbles a line on a sheet of paper than the other has to transform it into a picture. You take turns going back and forth turning scribbles into art. My children played the game awhile for themselves after the YouTube live video wrapped up. Both had a lot of fun and are looking forward to more of these twenty minute live videos with Jarret Krosoczka.

Miss the live session? You can also watch these videos after the fact on his YouTube channel. If there is an interesting video like this that your kids are enjoying online share it with the rest of us in the comment section or tweet out the info to @Geekdad248 on Twitter and I'll retweet it.

Stay safe and keep learning!

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