Tuesday, March 17, 2020


My family loves going to the Zoo and we've shared many of our visits to different ones with you on ageekdaddy.com over the years. From spending snowy days at the Detroit Zoo to spending a hot summer day going on a dinosaur expedition at the Pittsburgh Zoo we've had a lots of fun adventures at various zoos. The Cincinnati Zoo is a place we've want to explore but haven't had a chance to get to yet. We are getting a close up look though at many of their animals without visiting them though as the zoo is hosting free video segments hosted by their zoo keepers on Facebook Live for students who are homebound right now due to school coronavirus shutdowns.

While the Cincinnati Zoo is closed to the public itself due to the public health emergency to encourage social distancing, they are reaching out to kids by taking them on Home Safaris with these Facebook Live sessions. The videos provide a close up look at a featured animal and interesting insights from the staff that care for these creatures. Audience during the live segments can ask questions which the zoo keepers answer as part of the presentation providing an interactive aspect to the experience.

 My kids have watched two of these live video sessions so far, one involving hippos and another porcupines, and were captivated by the presentations. Viewers actually get a closer look at these animals then they'd ever get during a visit to the zoo. These videos are well worth the time to view! Join in future presentations to see which animals will be appearing next.

Head over to the Home Safari Facebook Live page every weekday at 3pm ET to tune in. The Cincinnati Zoo will be hosting these Facebook Live chats through April 11, 2020. Miss a live presentation no problem ... you can watch the ones you missed later on as they are posted on the zoo's website and YouTube channel. The zoo is also posting activities kids can do related to each video on the Home Safari Resources page of their website.

Go on a Home Safari to break up the monotony of kids being home all day from school. The Cincinnati Zoo gets a Geek Daddy nod of approval for this well done video series. This dad blogger recommends you check it out!

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