Thursday, March 26, 2020


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Thanks to the nice folks at for sending us some samples of their adorable plush toys to try out.  It has been some trying times with the kids home from school due to the coronavirus pandemic and lots of scary information being broadcast on television news broadcasts. So they really appreciated snuggling up with these fun Moosh-Moosh plush toys to help take their minds off everything that has been going on lately.

Moosh-Moosh come in a variety of shapes and sizes with numerous whimsical characters to choose from. The assortment this dad blogger received included Celeste a pink Easter bunny, Carrie a tongue-wagging terrier, and a leopard shark named Houdeenie. Plus we got a round tub of popcorn that will be great to cuddle with during a family movie night!

Not only are these plush toys very soft to touch but they are very squishy when squeezed. So not only are they great playthings as toys but also are very comfy to be uses as pillows too. These are some of the softest, squishiest, cuddliest stuffed animals that we have around the house.

moosh moosh plushies

In addition to playing around with their Moosh-Moosh plushies, I've notice both my kids snuggling with them while doing reading for the at-home schoolwork they are still being assigned by their 5th grade teachers during the pandemic shutdown; as well as using them as pillows while watching television. We have to be careful though as our dog has taken a liking to them as well and is always trying to sneak them away into her dog bed. Hey everyone loves a Moosh-Moosh!

If you'd like to get your own their is a special Easter deal going on right now at Buy one, get one 50% off while supplies last. Free shipping direct from the manufacturer on orders over $29.

dad blogger

These incredibly cute plushies get a Geek Daddy nod of approval for putting smiles on my kids faces. They are great for having your kids hug onto while parents reassure them everything will get better. These plush characters are wonderful buddies for tweens like my son and daughter to snuggle with while hanging around the house and also most assuringly make nice bedtime companions for younger children who may be afraid of the dark. I even used on for a pillow the other day while watching a movie .. it sure was comfy! Everyone is sure to appreciate a Moosh-Moosh!

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