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Thank you astragon  Entertainment for sending this dad blogger a free copy of the newest installment of your Construction Simulator video game series to play around with. Construction Simulator 3 is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Playing video games doesn't have to be all about fighting and shooting as the Construction Simulator 3 video game from astragon Entertainment demonstrates by providing an experience that is both entertaining and educational while also being void of violence.

The major Interstate freeway near us is under construction and our hometown is experiencing a building boom so there have been a lot of heavy duty vehicles to see when driving around near our house. Bull dozers, cement trucks, cranes … my kids get excited pointing out all the various construction equipment they see around town. So they were really enthused to try doing some building themselves with the Construction Simulator 3 video game.

Players can utilize more than 50 vehicles and machines to complete 70 different construction projects ranging from building roads and bridges to constructing towering skyscrapers.  The building environment for a change of scenery moves from the fictional United States city of Westside Plains depicted in Construction Simulator 2 to the Alpine region of Europe in this newly released edition of the game. Urbanization is coming to the European town of Neustein and it is your job to transform its future in Construction Simulator 3.

Experience handling officially licensed vehicles from some of the construction industry's most respected brands including Caterpillar, Liebherr, CASE, Bobcat, Palfinger, STILL, MAN, ATLAS, Bell, BOMAG, WIRTGEN GmbH, JOSEPH VĂ–GELE AG, HAMM AG and MEILLER Kipper. Learn to manage this equipment in tutorial mode than move on to start taking contracts for building projects within a 10km square map. This is an open world setting that lets you freely drive around so when you aren't on a job site it is possible to roam around checking out your handy work on past projects or just spending time exploring the area.

Your first jobs will start out as smaller delivery and earth moving assignments along with some gardening and landscaping. This addition of the game adds Bobcat to the mix so they obviously have some jobs tailored for their well-know excavators and skid loaders. As players gain more experience project move up to the construction of houses and office buildings before tackling even more challenging tasks such as road construction and bridge building.

Progressing through projects allows players also build up a business. While doing this the gameplay also provides lessons in topics like management and budgeting. Work your way up from being a small service contractor to the largest construction magnate on the European continent as you play the game.

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One of my family's favorite aspects of the game is the cockpit view that is brand new to Construction Simulator 3. The control layout is faithfully reproduced for each machine and vehicle providing a view as if you were actually working the real-life equipment on a job site. A great option that gives the feel of being behind the wheel of a semi dirt hauler driving down a road or swinging a crane around a construction site.

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Who hasn't seen some of this machinery and wondered what it would be like behind the controls? Now you can have that experience without the worry of breaking something. It really is a thrill and has had my family captivated with playing this video game. It has also provided my children with some insights into the building trades that as a parent I've appreciated them getting an understanding of how things just don't build themselves.

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Construction Simulator 3 shows that video games can be fun while also getting kids to learn at the same time. So Construction Simulator 3 absolutely gets a nod of approval from this dad blogger. It is a video game that both adults and kids can equally enjoy playing.

Having gone to college just down the street from the world headquarters of Caterpillar, I've always imagined taking CAT vehicles for a test drive. Now I finally have the chance thanks to Construction Simulator 3. My son and daughter both really enjoyed pretending being construction contractors for a day while playing this video game and I obviously had a ton of fun too!

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