Thursday, April 16, 2020


wear pajamas to work day
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When it comes to work attire most days you'll be find me wearing a suit. With all the courthouses in Michigan essentially shutdown due to the pandemic though, I've essentially become unemployed for the time being as a criminal defense attorney. That being said there are still some loose ends on client matters that I'm handling via video conferences.

You know what the nice thing about video conferences are? The people on them only see you for the most part from the waist up. So while you may have a suit coat and tie on up top no one will know if you are wearing comfy pajamas bottoms instead of starchy slacks.

Today is National Wear Pajamas to Work Day and since there were a few court cases on my day's docket I decided to participate in this ad hoc holiday. So I was rocking my Star Wars pjs while on Zoom handling a probate guardianship hearing and criminal sentencing today. Of course only you and I know that!

Ever wonder what days wacky recognitions like National Wear Pajamas to Work Day are taking place during the month? There is a website that lists them all for you! Go to to see what topic is being promoted on any given day.

It lists topics that are being recognized by day, week and month. Participating in some of these days can be a fun way to do something different to brighten your mood or make a day extra special for someone else. Be a little silly today by wearing pajamas while on the job, write a poem to someone for National Haiku Day (April 18), or participate in a conservation project for Earth Day (April 22). These recognition days help people pay attention to something or act in a way that gets them out of their ordinary routine for a day.

Have some fun, learn something do, make a positive contribution to your community by seeing what special themes are being promoted on different days. Go to to see what is going on. And remember there is nothing wrong with being a little silly and letting your geek side show. Rock those pjs!

wear pjs to work day

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