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Thanks to Jakks Pacific for sending us a box full of THE LAST KIDS ON EARTH toys to play around with while my son binge watches the new episodes of the Netflix cartoon that are debuting on Friday, April 17, 2020. The Netflix series is adapted from the books by Max Brallier that are aimed for middle grade readers. The books and cartoons are very popular with my son and the boys in his 5th Grade class. He himself is a really big fan of THE LAST KIDS ON EARTH!

THE LAST KIDS ON EARTH finds 13-year-old Jack Sullivan and a band of suburban middle schoolers abandoned in a cartoonish end-of-the-world apocalypse where most of the people of their hometown of Wakefield, Indiana have been turned into zombies and a variety of strange monsters have begun to roam around. The four kids continue on with their lives bunkering up in a decked-out tree house and trying to hold out hope that help will arrive. While this show may seem horrific it is actually a goofy comedy full of humorous moments and madcap situations meant to appeal to tweens in the 8 to 12 year old age range.

There are six THE LAST KIDS ON EARTH books that have been published so far with the most recent one "June's Wild Flight" having just been released on April 7. Season One of the television series that arrived on Netflix last year revolved around the scenarios that took place in Book One. The new episodes of the Netflix series premiering on April 17 will now move on to delve into Book 2. I have to say that while the cartoons on Netflix are meant for tweens and teens, I've found myself sitting down and totally enjoying the show with my son.

Fans of THE LAST KIDS ON EARTH books + cartoons can also imagine their own monster and zombie fighting adventures playing with toys from Jakks Pacific. Designed in 2.5" scale there are an assortment of action figures highlighting the four middle school heroes and a variety of zombies. There are also a number of playsets including the TREE FORTRESS OF AWESOMNESS and a number of giant monsters including SMASHIN' DOZER, BITIN' WRETCH and CHOMPIN BLARG.

last kids on earth

Plus they have nine inch plush zombies meant for hugging while watching the cartoons or reading the books. Watch out though because if you snuggle a zombie too hard you'll see one of its eyes pop out! A goofy design meant to capture the light-hearted jocular spirit of THE LAST KIDS ON EARTH.


There are four action figure packs so there is one for each of main heroes. Each hero pack includes either Jack Sullivan, Quint Baker, Dirk Savage or June Del Toro along with an assortment of zombies. The packs also include disc shooters decorated to look like machines the kids could have built from scavenging materials around town. Knock down zombies and monsters by shooting them with the discs. Also included are some background dioramas showing places around Wakefield during this monster infestation.


action figures

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House your action figures in the Tree Fortress of Awesomeness playset. Attach a disc launcher to its roof to defend the place from approaching hoards of zombies or encroaching monsters like Smashin' Dozer, Bitin' Wretch and Chompin Blarg. Beware though because if your attackers hit the tree house in just the right spot with a disc shooter it will split the place apart causing the Tree Fortress of Awesomeness to collapse to the ground! There is also a zip line for acting out action scenes. A fun way to re-enact favorite scenes from the books and cartoons or to imagine new adventures.

the last kids on earth

Bring the humongous Chompin Blarg to life with the toy from Jakks Pacific. The most feared monster from book one and season one, Blarg hunts and follows Jack Sullivan and his friends around Wakefield. At nine inches tall it towers over the 2.5' action figures in THE LAST KIDS ON EARTH Jakks toy collection.

It has a number of really cool features that make playing with Chompin Blarg extra fun. Push on Blarg's spikes to open its mouth and make it chomp. Push an action button to have Blarg's hand grab a hero or zombie and raise it up into the air. Hit the monster in the belly with a disc launcher and watch it fall to the ground in defeat!


Watch Netflix and chill with new episodes of THE LAST KIDS ON EARTH. Add some more excitement to watching the cartoons by engaging in imaginative play with Jakks Pacific toys after you've binged watched the Book 2 episodes on Netflix. Books, cartoons, toys there is a lot of fun to be had enjoying the adventures of THE LAST KIDS ON EARTH! This dad blogger gives Max Brallier a Geek Daddy nod of approval for all the awesomeness.

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