Thursday, May 21, 2020


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Houston … we have a Twitter Party! To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Ron Howard's APOLLO 13 and its recent release in 4K Ultra High Definition on digital and disc, I've partnered with Universal Home Entertainment to participate in a movie watching Twitter Party at 4pm ET / 1pm PT on Saturday May 24, 2020.

Hit play on your digital, 4K, Blu-ray, DVD or maybe even VCR tape of Apollo 13 exactly at 4pm ET/3pm CT/2pm MT/1pm PT on May 24th. As we watch the movie together, astronaut Scott Kelly will be live chatting about his own experiences in outer space using the hashtag #Apollo13AtHome. Scott has had an awe-inspiring career with NASA that has included piloting a space shuttle and spending a year on the International Space Station. Enjoy his insights about the movie from his own experiences in space travel.

Join in the #Apollo13AtHome Twitter Party by asking Scott Kelly questions and sharing your own thoughts and commentary about the movie during this virtual watch party as everyone is viewing the show in real time. If you are jumping on Twitter to watch the movie and live tweet with us, make sure to give @Geekdad248 a shout out. Hope to see you on Twitter for this movie watching party!

Can you believe Apollo 13 is twenty-five years old? It seems like just yesterday that I was in college going to see the movie with a bunch of my buddies at a theater near the campus. The engineers in our crew of friends were really geeked about this movie which I was pretty wowed by myself watching it on the big screen. Now I'm looking forward to having my kids watch the movie for the first time along with me during this Twitter party.

This Hollywood drama is based on the events of the Apollo 13 lunar mission, astronauts Jim Lovell (Tom Hanks), Fred Haise (Bill Paxton) and Jack Swigert (Kevin Bacon) find everything going according to plan after leaving Earth's orbit. However, when an oxygen tank explodes, the scheduled moon landing is called off. Subsequent tensions within the crew and numerous technical problems threaten both the astronauts' survival and their safe return to Earth.

If you don't have the movie on hand, it is available on digital from online services including Apple TV, Google Play, Movies Anywhere and Vudu. It is also available on 4K and Blu-ray from Best Buy. If you buy Apollo 11 from Best Buy using an affiliate link within this post will receive a small commission at no additional expense to you. This dad blogger appreciates your support!

5...4...3...2..1...the countdown to this weekend's #Apollo13AtHome Twitter Party has begun. Looking forward to traveling to the moon and back with Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon and Bill Paxton while chatting with real life astronaut Scott Kelly. Remember to tee up Apollo 13 and be ready to blast off at the designated take off time.

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