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How are you staying in touch with extended family during the coronavirus quarantine? We recently had a family game night over Zoom. We brought together my parents along with some siblings, uncles, aunts and cousins to spend an evening playing HALF TRUTH the new party trivia competition from game designer Richard Garfield (creator of Magic: The Gathering) and one of the Jeopardy game show's most successful contestants Ken Jennings. Thanks to Studio71 Games for sending this dad blogger HALF TRUTH to try out.

The game is called HALF TRUTH because players must answer questions from trivia cards that provide six answers. Three are correct and three are wrong. You place bets to see how many answers you provide are right. Can you get 1, 2 or 3 answers correct?

Betting you can get all 3 answers correct can earn a lot of points but also presents risks that can cost you the game if you don't guess right. Being too conservative though can let risk takers leapfrog over you to gain insurmountable leads. Plus the risks and rewards change for each question!

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There are 500 trivia cards with categories ranging from " Stars who never won an Oscar " to " Star Wars characters who say they 'have a bad feeling about this'. " The questions aren't all about movies though. You might be asked to name super-hot peppers, identify colognes for men or identify weird things that appear on national flags.

The types of questions vary so that this is an all ages can play for a family game night. We played in teams and I had to rely on my kids when faced with the question  "Creatures in Harry Potter books."  My dad and uncle had an edge on some questions like "Top 10 Billboard Hits of 1972" … hey most of us playing including myself weren't even born yet! I redeemed myself though helping us ultimately get the win by being able to answer "Comic characters who ran for President." There really questions that appealed to all the generations of our family in this all ages party game.

This tabletop game has a nice layout making it easy to set up and have people see over video connections like Zoom. You just need to designate a game master to move tokens about the board, roll dice, and read trivia cards but it worked out fairly well playing remotely. Especially since the focus of the game is on answering trivia rather than doing tasks or moving pieces around a board. A game lasts about 30 minutes making it just the right time for a Zoom session.

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HALF TRUTH is for 2 to 6 players or teams with a recommended age of 12+. We had a really great time playing it while having fun and connecting with family haven't been able to see in person for awhile. Though it will be fun to play it together sooner or later in the same room when the pandemic  doesn't prevent get togethers. Until then we're planning on a few more HALF TRUTH rematches via Zoom.

If you are looking for a game that is both entertaining and educational for some family fun, pick up HALF TRUTH for yourself. Based upon the good time we had, I give it a Geek Daddy nod of approval. It is available from a number of retailers or you can purchase it straight from Studio71 Games.

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