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Thanks to Loot Crate for sending us a box full of WiZK!DS games that make-up their newest mystery mailer subscription service. These are some Loot Crates aimed for anyone who gets geeked about family game nights. Each box will surprise recipients with three or four WiZK!DS games. We're going to be having lots of fun playing these games Loot Crate sent our way this weekend!

Who doesn't get excited when a package is delivered to their house? Especially when its contents are a mystery and you are surprised with something really great inside. You can sign up to get just one Loot Crate or go all in for a year long subscription which delivers a box to your doorstep every other month. Each Loot Crate will have a random assortment of games with a value of $60+ meant to be appealing to a variety of ages within a family. A WiZK!DS Games Loot Crate is priced at $19.99 (+ shipping & handling) and if you get the bi-monthly annual subscription you get a free gift as a bonus.

WiZK!DS has produced numerous award-winning games over the last 20 years. They've created miniature figure role playing, card, dice, strategy and a variety of other table top games making them a leader within the gaming industry.  Creating the Patented Combat Dial System™ featured in HeroClix™ (one of the most successful collectible miniatures game on the market), building the Dice Building Game™ engine, used in Quarriors!™ and Dice Masters™, and adapting the FlightPath™ maneuver system for compatibility with Attack Wing™, WiZK!DS has crafted innovations to continually make their games interesting and exciting to play.

Loot Crate Review

So what WiZK!DS games arrived in our Loot Crate? Coraline: Beware the Other Mother, PALM TREES, SPY TRICKS: Trick Taking Game, and Yummy World: PARTY at Picnic Palace Card Game. I appreciated that three of the games were well suited for my eleven year old twins to play along with my wife and I for some family game night fun. SPY TRICKS which is a blend of euchre and parcheesi with some espionage intrigue added into the mix is more suited for older teens and adults but is a game that this dad blogger was geeked to get. It looks to be a fun game to play with some buddies while enjoying a few beers while the other games provide a nice all ages assortment for some fun family time.

Coraline: Beware the Other Mother lets players imagine they have stepped into the alternate dimension portrayed in the stop-motion animated film Coraline. It is a cooperative card game where players work together to free Coraline from the Other World and from the evil clutches of the Beldam. During the course of the game, Coraline and her friends will need to confront Mr. Bobinsky and his jumping mouse circus, fend off the Other Father on his mantis tractor, wrestle the pearl ring from Miss Spink and Miss Forcible, and steal the Skeleton Key and Snow Globe to ultimately free Caroline from the other world.

loot crate whizkids review

Beware! The Beldan will thwart your plans at every turn. And don't doddle as each turn leads the button shadow closer to eclipsing the moon. If the moon is eclipsed before you've collected all of the necessary objects then The Beldan wins the game and Caroline is trapped in the Other World forever. Caroline: Beware the Other Mother is an amusing tabletop game to play whether or not you are a fan of the movie. My kids liked this game so much we've played it a few times since it arrived in our WiZK!DS Loot Crate.

Our whole family has been having a blast competing against one another to transform ourselves into PALM TREES with this fantastic card game from WiZK!DS. Each player slides a sleeve on to make their arm look like the trunk of a palm tree.  Pull cards from a deck of cards to grow a tree in your hand!


Each card has instructions describing a crazy way it has to be held in your hand. Drop a card and an opponent can steal it and try to add it to their tree. The first person to be holding 6 cards in their hand completes a palm tree and is the winner. This game can get very competitive, silly and addictive to play! A great all ages game for families to enjoy playing together.

Flip over cards to reveal all the different and delicious characters of Yummy World. This is a great WiZK!DS game for kids. Cartoonish food inspired characters are sure to put smiles on young players faces It has easy rules to learn but yet can still be very competitive to play.

card game

Players try to collect the most complete sets of each character to earn points. You only have four chances to pull cards (plus a few extra bonus swipes can be earned) as they become uncovered during game play though. Grab too soon and you might miss out as new cards are revealed. Wait too long and someone else may nab the cards you want to collect first! Collect sets of the same character to score big points. Be alert as some cards are rarer than others or provide special perks which will give you an edge in the game.

SPY TRICKS has players pretending to be spies vying to uncover information hidden away in top secret documents. From trick to trick, players must deduce the contents of the secret documents by studying what cards have been played and which ones haven't. Only one player can be the trickiest spy!

Spy Tricks

Recommended for ages 14+ this game was too complicated for me to play with my kids. Guess I'm going to have to wait until the pandemic subsides to get some people to play this one with. SPY TRICKS is for 3 to 4 players and games should last about 30 minutes.

Looking for a way to break up the monotony of staying at home during coronavirus social distancing? This Loot Crate is a great way to discover some new games to play. The games in each crate are a surprise providing some excitement in playing them for the first time. Add some fun to your quarantine by signing up for this mystery grab bag of WiZK!DS games.


Based upon the good time we've had, WiZK!DS Games Loot Crate gets a Geek Daddy nod of approval. My kids were so excited to spend some time unboxing this mystery package which arrived and discovering the ways to play each game. It really took their minds off these troubling times and provided us with some quality family time playing these games together.

Another thing I liked about all four of these games were that they are packaged to be easy to store and be portable to bring along while traveling. You don't have to just play these WiZK!DS games at the kitchen table. They are easy to bring outside to play on the backyard patio or pack up to play on a camping trip or while traveling on vacation. Get rained out while away on a trip, these are a great way to spend a washed out vacation day. These games can be a wonderful fit for a number of occasions.


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