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We were flipping through Netflix looking for something to watch together as a family and came across an Adam Sandler movie, THE RIDICULOUS 6, that caught our attention. Since this is a Western-inspired comedy thought I'd serve some drinks to add some flavor to our family movie night. Since the ingredients to stir up a batch of sarsaparilla weren't handy, I made some Roy Rogers mocktails instead.

To start off, first I had to explain to my kids who Roy Rogers was. Once they understood Roy Rogers was one of the most popular actors to portray a cowboy when Western movies and television shows were very popular they understood the connection to our family movie night. But then they asked how the drink got named after Roy Rogers. This dad blogger had to do a little research to get the answer to that question!

Apparently, Roy Rogers didn't drink alcohol. So when he'd be socializing with friends and business associates, Rogers would order a non-alcoholic mocktail. Now what he'd order would be called by some a Shirley Temple but most adult men wouldn't want to be caught ordering one of those for themselves. So bartenders began calling mocktails made with grenadine and soda Roy Rogers when guys ordered them. There you have it!

Roy Rogers are a fun drink suitable for both adults and children to enjoy. It combines the fizzy, sugary taste of cola with the sweet fruity flavor of grenadine syrup. For those who don't know, grenadine syrup is made from a mixture of pomegranate and lemon juice used to add some flair to drinks. You can use most any kind of soda in making a Roy Rogers but I prefer a cola, especially ones made with pure can sugar to get the best taste combination with the grenadine syrup.

Here is my easy to make Roy Rogers recipe:


8 oz of soda (Recommend Pure Cane Sugar Coca-Cola or Jones Soda Cola);
1 oz of grenadine syrup ( I use Torani Syrups for flavored drinks);
Scoop of ice

grenadine syrup


Put a scoop of ice into a tall glass;
Pour grenadine syrup over the ice;
Fill glass with soda;
Garnish with a maraschino cherries

dad blogger

That's it! My quick to make recipe for a Roy Rogers mocktail. A delicious drink that is somewhat out of the ordinary. You may have heard of a Roy Rogers before but never had one. Now you know how to make this tasty non-alcoholic drink. Cheers!

So what did my kids think of their Roy Rogers mocktails and THE RIDICULOUS 6 movie? They recommend trying a Roy Rogers but passing on this Adam Sandler comedy. At least the mocktails put a smiles on their faces.

why is drink called roy rogers

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