Wednesday, June 10, 2020

McClures Pickles

Did you know that Michigan is one of the world's largest producers of cucumbers? So it makes sense that one of my favorite pickle brands has its production facility in Detroit, Michigan. Have you ever had McClure's pickles? They are really good!

So I was really excited when a pandemic care package arrived at my house. The folks at McClure's had seen me tweet about wanting to eat healthier while staying at home due to the coronavirus and sent me a box of goodies. They let me know that pickles can be a really health food for snacking on and I'm absolutely going to take advantage of their generosity to eat these pickles instead of junk food.

There are a number of reasons that pickles are considered a healthy snack. First, they are full of probiotics which keep bad bacteria in check within your gut as well as can help with preventing cholesterol from blocking your arteries. Second, pickles are high in an antioxidant called beta-carotene which  has been shown to help lower your chances of dying of heart disease, stroke, cancer, and respiratory diseases. Third, the vinegar used in transforming cucumbers into pickles can help with curbing sugar spikes that can help people at risk for Type II Diabetes (that would be me) keep their blood sugar levels even. Finally, pickles are almost all water so they have very little fat or calories.

Just don't go hog wild eating pickles though because they can have high sodium content. McClure's Garlic Dill Pickles have 12% of the recommended daily content of sodium per serving. Compared to other snacks that isn't bad. Just remember to eat responsibly! A few pickles here and there can quell your hunger and have some great health benefits.

McClure's sent us three varieties of their pickles to enjoy. Garlic Dill, Spicy Dill and Sweet & Spicy Slices. All three get a Geek Daddy nod of approval for being a tasty snack. This dad blogger thinks McClure's Pickles are delicious!


These crunchy pickles are tangy and full of flavor! Plus the pickle juice leftover is great for using in other recipes. Head over the the McClure's website for a bunch of suggestions.


The pickle that started it all. This is made with the family recipe passed down from their grandma Lala that inspired the McClures to go into business making pickles. These spears pack a punch of heat and are a great compliment to deli style sandwiches. Get yourself some corned beef with some yellow mustard spread over it and top it off your sandwich with one of these spicy dill pickles. You won't be disappointed!


The perfect addition to a grilled chicken or pulled pork sandwich. A great blend ot both sweet and spicy flavors. These slices also are a nice snack for when you are sitting on the couch watching television or a movie. A great way to avoid cholesterol and calories while snacking which I appreciate. My wife loves these because they are easy to nibble and have zero Weight Watcher points!

I'm looking forward to digging into all these pickle jars. My family is going to be snacking on McClure's Pickles this summer! For more information about the brand please visit

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