Wednesday, June 17, 2020


My family has been having a blast with lots of space themed fun recently. We participated in an Apollo 13 movie viewing party on Twitter live chatting with with Director Ron Howard and Scott Kelly from NASA, my kids tried out Tang for the first time to experience the type of beverages people drink in space, interviewed real life astronaut Mike Massimino and watched the blast off of the first manned space mission to be launched from U.S. soil since the shuttle fleet was retired. Yes this dad blogger is a space geek!

This week we added to these activities by watching a new animated presentation released by NASA that shows how it plans to send astronauts to the moon. Called mission ARTEMIS this ambition plan will not only have people walking on the moon again but will serve as a gateway for sending astronauts to explore mars, the asteroid belt and onward to the rest of our solar system. This ambitious plan not only involves sending rockets to land on the moon but includes a space station that will be continuously orbiting it.

Wow! Who wants to go on an adventure to the moon?! Take a journey there by watching this animated short video that highlights the plans for the upcoming ARTEMIS missions.

Who else is geeked about the next generation of space exploration?!


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