Saturday, August 1, 2020


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This week's Camp Warner Bros activities revolved around having some summer time soccer fun. Warner Bros Home Entertainment provides us with the soccer themed movie Alex & Me for a family movie night. Then the next day inspired by the film's star Alex Morgan, who helped the U.S. Women's Team win the World Cup in 2015 and 2019 in real life, my daughter spent an afternoon juggling a soccer ball in the backyard.

The goal of juggling a soccer ball is to keep it in the air without using your arms or hands to avoid it from hitting the ground. How long can you keep it aloft using your hands, knees and even your head? She has gotten pretty good being able to juggle the ball constantly for a few minutes at a time.

summer activities

The movie Alex & Me is the story of a girl, like my daughter, who has been inspired to play soccer by witnessing Alex Morgan's talents in high profile games like the Olympics, World Cup and professional soccer matches. Alex demonstrates that girls don't have to just be cheerleaders but can be competitive athletes in sports themselves.

In Alex & Me, teenager Reagan Willis has one dream – to play soccer like her hero, Alex Morgan. Her bedroom is a shrine to all things Alex, including a life-size poster of the Olympic gold medalist. Yet in the Willis house, Reagan lives in the shadow of her prep football superstar brother, Logan. When Reagan fails to make the cut of the premiere local soccer club team and is humiliated by her rival Claire, she’s certain her ship has sailed. But after accidentally hitting her head, Reagan’s poster of Alex Morgan suddenly comes to life and everything changes!

Just like in Alex & Me encourage kids to use this Goal Chart to keep track of soccer drills and other tasks to help ensure they are having a productive summer. For some further encouragement have them watch Alex & Me. I've got a digital code for the movie to giveaway courtesy of Warner Bros Home Entertainment.

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For a chance to win this movie just complete the Rafflecopter entries below before 11:59 pm ET on Sunday, August 9, 2020. Must be a United States resident over 18 years old to participate. Glad to share some of our Camp Warner Bros fun with our randomly selected winner. Good luck!

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For those of you who don't win the giveaway. Many will enter, but only one will win! You can purchase Alex & Me on Blu-ray and DVD from Best Buy. Use a Geek Daddy affiliate link and this dad blogger will receive a small commission from your purchase at no additional expense to you. Your support of is appreciated!