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With a long incubation period and many people being asymptomatic, identifying when someone has a fever is an important line of defense for attempting to minimize the spread of Covid-19 during this pandemic. That is why getting your temperature checked is a requirement for entry into a variety of public places.  I have to go into courthouses regularly for work and they've added checking people for fevers as part of the security screening process before going through metal detectors. 

Unless you are burning up most people aren't self-aware they are getting a fever. I for sure don't know I'm getting one until I begin feeling sick. Yet our temperatures begin to elevate gradually well before other symptoms of illness begin manifesting. 

A new product from Solos Health Analytics called FeverGuard provides a simple way to keep track of your body temperature and warn you if a fever is developing. Simply strap a small sensor to your upper arm that transmits data to an encrypted, HIPAA-compliant database that will determine your unique base body temperature and its normal variations then provide continuous monitoring for unusual activity. An app on your phone will alert you if a fever begins to develop. 

There is also an opt-in contact tracing feature that can provide a warning to designated family, friends, co-workers and other acquaintances. Want notice of a sudden spike sent directly to your doctor? Have an elderly parent needing monitoring? FeverGuard, for people who opt in, will send an alert once a user's body temperature deviates from it normal temperature routine. A great way for people to make determinations about quarantining and getting medical care.

fever guard

Who wants to keep taking their temperature throughout the day with manual thermometers? And often times you may get false readings from those thermometers. Because FeverGuard is constantly monitoring you it learns what your normal temperature is and can determine when something is actually out of wack with you not having to do anything other than wearing it.

I tried out the FeverGuard for myself and it didn't even feel like something was strapped to my arm. The sensor was a very comfortable fit and my shirt sleeve covered it up as a wore the device around.  Just like you get used to wearing watch and don't really feel it on your wrist having this sensor on your arm is no big deal. And it is much lighter than a watch! 

The device activates when its sensor registers your body heat. A green light begins to illuminate the face of the sensor to let you know it is working. Then just set up an account with Solo Health Analytics and sync your device to their app that can be downloaded to your phone.

fever guard

The app shows that my core temperature is consistent with the thermometer checks I've been getting at a variety of places. The other day though I had an office appointment that had to be cancelled because their thermometer showed me as having a fever. I began to get nervous! 

But FeverGuard showed my temperature to be the same as normal throughout the whole day as well as into the next morning. That afternoon I was checked at another appointment and their thermometer showed me at my normal level. That reading which had me worried was obviously a faulty thermometer. And while manual thermometers, especially touchless ones, can have false positives they can also provide erroneous negative readings too.  FeverGuard obviously provides a more analytical approach to monitoring biomarkers.

Because FeverGuard monitors temperature continuously as well as uses patent-pending machine learning technology and predictive analytics, it enables individuals and other authorized entities, such as employers, caregivers and healthcare professionals, to take immediate action to contain the spread of infectious viruses like COVID-19. If you want to be proactive in protecting yourself and others around you, FeverGuard is a great tool for staying on guard against the coronavirus so that you are alerted to potentially becoming sick before feeling under the weather.

From my personal experience utilizing it, FeverGuard gets a Geek Daddy nod of approval for providing a useful tool for your healthcare utility belt. This dad blogger believes it is a nice use of technology to be able to relatively effortlessly keep track of an important aspect of your healthcare during this pandemic. For more information visit

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