Monday, November 23, 2020


Grip Guard

With cases of COVID on the rise it can be a bit disconcerting to be out and about. You just don't know who may be spreading these germs on surfaces passing on the contagent to others. I admit to getting a bit nervous when tapping the buttons at an ATM or gas pump. If you share similar concerns I have a doozy of a product to share with you that I've been using leaving the house to do errands during the pandemic.

GRIP GUARD TOUCH PROTECTOR! With the Grip Guard Touch Protector from Doozi Products you can use the device's clam shell shaped silicone barrier with self adjusting finger holders to open doors or pick up items that you don't want your bare hands to be exposed to. An attached retractable spring-loaded cord makes it very portable and easy to use by stashing the Grip Guard in a pocket or attaching it to your belt. I like to pull my Grip Guard out when going through some heavy-traffic entry ways that don't have automatically opening doors such as my local post office and restaurants. I admit to also using it on the doors, knobs and levers when having to use public restrooms a few times just to be extra safe. 

The feature I use the most often though is the retractable stylus that is incorporated into the Grip Guard's design. Touching buttons, keypads and touch screens that other people have been using can be nerve-racking during these times. I've used the Grip Guard's stylus for summoning an elevator, doing banking transactions, fueling up my car, and completing retail transactions instead of rubbing my fingers against surfaces that others are regularly handling. Very handy!

grip guard touch protector

Check out the Grip Guard Touch Protector for yourself. Head over to for more information or to purchase one online. When you can't control the environment around you, the Grip Guard is a nice way to provide extra peace of mind about protecting yourself from germs and bacteria that can make you sick.

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