Tuesday, November 24, 2020


Thanks to McDonalds for providing this dad blogger with a MCDELIVERY NIGHT that included a complimentary DoorDash delivery, free meal plus a puzzle and deck of cards to play with for an evening of family time. With the pandemic having me mostly working from home, my wife completely doing her job remotely and my kids virtually schooling from our house it was nice to make an effort to have someone deliver dinner then turn off our electronics and tune into each other to solve a jigsaw and play some euchre. Thanks McDonalds for hosting our MCDELIVERY NIGHT!

A cold rainy night seemed the opportune time for us to try out DoorDash for the first time. The app was easy to use and kept us on track of the progress of our order. We were promptly notified when the restaurant received our order, a driver was assigned to us, when he picked up our meal, and even tracked his route and progress in delivery. I was messaged when the order was picked up from McDonalds and when the driver was approaching our driveway plus a map tracked the driver from pickup to drop off providing a delivery ETA time throughout the process. The whole process took about twenty minutes and our food was warm when it hit our dinner table. It was an excellent experience using DoorDash for a McDelivery.

I had a Quarter Pounder with Cheese and the rest of the family had Chicken McNuggets. Everyone had fries with their meal too. So that made putting together a puzzle of McDonalds fries extra fun. If you are short on time to make dinner or the weather isn't ideal for leaving the house, consider a MCDELIVERY NIGHT with DoorDash

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