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toys that educate and entertain

In my opinion the best way to get children excited about learning is to get them associating educational endeavors with fun activities instead of them getting stuck into the mindset that schoolwork is a chore. This can be challenging but getting kids started off in their younger years playing with toys that are both entertaining and educational can help get them excited about wanting to learn new things and being creative as they grow older. Here are five examples of toys that inspired my own children to engage in imaginative play and lit a spark for them to be excited about discovering new experiences in life.

Both my son and daughter love LEGO! He enjoys the engineering aspect of these toys getting the most fun out of constructing buildings and vehicles. On the other hand, my daughter's favorite aspect of these toys is imagining adventures for the mini-figures in her Harry Potter and LEGO Friends playsets. With LEGO sets ranging from super heroes to space ships you are sure to find something to suit every interest your child could have.

Harry Potter

LEGO can be pricey! My kids have been having lots of fun with the LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Moments Playsets. Build a storage case out of LEGO bricks that resembles a Harry Potter book case then open it up to build a Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry classroom complete with mini-figures of some of your favorite characters. 

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Moments Playsets include Professor McGonagall's Transfigurations Class, Studies in Potions with Professor Snape, Herbology with Professor Sprout and Professor Flitwick's Charms Class. My son and daughter have spent hours having fun playing with these Harry Potter toys and I really like them because while nice LEGO sets can cost in the ballpark of $100 these are only around $25 providing parents with some great value for the family budget.

LEGO Harry Potter

LEGO though won’t just keep you and your children occupied for hours; it will also teach your children the importance of patience and persistence. LEGO are also great for teaching your children how to work together as a team and giving them a sense of accomplishment once they have finished their project. The best part is that once you have completed building your wizarding school or battleship, you can take it apart and do it all again! 


Kids kitchen toys and accessories can be great toys because they set a precedent for kids learning real life skills while having fun. A great way to get children interested in cooking and baking. Kitchen sets can easily be fitted into a playroom or bedroom and can even be used outside on sunny days so your children can play outside. These playtime kitchen toys and accessories are great for teaching children to use their imagination and share with others, as no doubt their siblings and friends will want to have a shot in the kitchen too. We've always had great experiences with Step2 products if you are shopping for a kitchen set for your little one.

All right this might not be a toy, but what child isn't amazed by a tree house? While this is not something that everyone can have as it requires having a big sturdy tree nearby, it is definitely worth doing if you can. Tree houses provide unlimited fun for children and give children a space of their own where they can play without feeling like their parents are constantly watching them. 

tree house

Being in a tree house surrounded by nature can also be a calming influence for children and help reduce stress. They inspire an adventurous attitude that will promote in interest in exploration and discovery. If you are considering constructing one in your yard, Black & Decker has created a handy guide for tree house building.

This toy may not sound the most exciting, but you will be surprised at how long it will keep your children occupied. Wooden blocks allow a child’s imagination to flourish, as they can build almost anything they can think of with wooden blocks. Wooden blocks will help your children learn to share with others and be resilient, as often they will have to keep changing their blocks to make their desired object.

Puppets come in all shapes and sizes. You could purchase animal puppets, traditional puppets or even make your own sock puppets, and your children are bound to love them. Folkmanis creates some incredibly detailed puppets that are decently priced.

Puppets are not only good for your child’s imagination but help develop their confidence and speaking skills through puppet shows to friends and family members. Suppose you want to give your child more of a creative experience. In that case, you could help them make their own sock puppets at home using googly eyes and art materials as decorations, allowing them to express themselves creatively.

puppet show

Puppets have always been one of my favorite toys and I've shared my appreciation of them with my kids. We are all looking forward to heading to The Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation this summer to check out their special exhibit Jim Henson: Imagination Unlimited. It will be showcasing 25 original puppets crafted by the creator of The Muppets as well as character sketches, storyboards, costumes and other memorabilia from Henson Studios productions. If you are in the Detroit area check it out!

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