Friday, May 14, 2021


detroit lions ford field

Lions in the wild live within family groups called prides. And in the urban jungle fans of Detroit's NFL team consider themselves part of a pride when it comes to cheering on the Lions. So in the midst of this terrible pandemic knowing that we are all one pride in this public health crisis together, the Lions hosted a COVID-19 vaccination clinic at their downtown Detroit stadium to help beat this virus.

We were able to get appointments for my son and daughter on the first day my twelve year old twins were able eligible to get vaccinated. The whole family drove over to Ford Field so that the kids could join my wife and me in getting protected from this terrible coronavirus. Once arriving at the stadium we were in and out within 30 minutes. It was a quick, hassle free experience.

Why did we get our middle school aged kids vaccinated against COVID? Because I respect the doctors at St. Jude Children's Hospital. They put out an announcement as soon as the vaccine was approved for 12 to 15 year olds encouraging parents to have their kids get the shots. St. Jude Children's Hospital has been saving the lives of sick youth for decades and its doctors have earned my trust.

Doctor Miguela Caniza MD, Director of the St. Jude Global Infectious Diseases Program at St. Jude Children’s Hospital has been outspoken about vaccines for this novel coronavirus being safe and effective. She has emphasized three key points about why it is important to get kids vaccinated against COVID-19:

1. Children and teenagers can also become infected and some of them with serious disease. Young patients aren't immune to serious complications resulting from a COVID infection just because in general their sickness from virus infections seems to be less severe than older people.

2. Children and teenagers are highly mobile attending schools, sports, and intersecting more often with various age groups including with their caretakers and older family members. Even if they don't get very sick from the virus they can spread it to others who may not be as lucky if infected.

3. Because of the high percent of children and teenagers being asymptomatic or with minimal symptoms, most likely they will be effectively spreading during a very contagious period, and even more so, if they don’t follow the standard precautions (distancing, using masks and practicing hand hygiene).

why tweens should get covid vaccinations

We're doing our part to safeguard our own family's health as well as being sensitive to helping stop the spread of the virus as a benefit to our whole community. No one wants to get a shot, but I was really proud about how my kids rolled up their sleeves and did what needed to be done. No fuss and now a lot less stress about COVID for them.

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