Sunday, June 27, 2021

iLive Wireless Tailgate Speaker provided a complimentary product to this blogger for review. Opinions are honest and my own.

ilive wireless tailgate speaker review

I've been enjoying spending time on the back patio listening to Detroit Tigers baseball games on the radio with the iLive Wireless Tailgate Speaker. I can't stream via the Internet the game's play-by-play from the local radio station because of licensing rights and didn't actually own a radio anymore, other than the one in my car, so got my hands on this speaker that is equipped with an fm frequency receiver to listen to the Tigers' games this summer. It has been working out great!

The iLive Wireless Tailgate Speaker has been getting excellent reception of all the local fm radio stations and when I'm not listening to the ball games my kids like to use it to play music when they have their friends over using the pool in our backyard. In  addition you connect it to phones, tablets and computers via bluetooth wireless connection, plug it into other devices, or insert a thumb drive or SD memory card into dedicated ports. My wife likes to sit back and stream audio books from her phone to the iLive Wireless Tailgate Speaker while sipping a glass of wine on a nice summer day. Whether streaming or utilizing the USB port or SD memory card reader this speaker supports MP3 file formats for playing music and other audio content.

As this speaker's name implies, it is not just great for using outdoors around the house but built to be perfect for tailgating. It is very portable! Sturdily built but also light weight the iLive Wireless Tailgate Speaker is easy to transport and has a built in handle making picking it up and carrying very convenient. No problem setting this speaker system up on back bed of a pickup truck or trunk of a car as part of your tailgate setup. You can just set it on a picnic table no trouble!

wireless tailgate speaker

There is also a microphone jack so you can use the speaker to make announcements (microphone not included). There is even a separate audio control specifically for using microphones with the speaker. I wish I had this when coaching my soccer teams. Would have announced the players before games and played some music to pump them up as they ran out onto the field. The iLive Wireless Tailgate Speaker has a built-in 5.25" woofer to kick up the music!

A rechargeable battery makes it easy to power up this speaker. A half hour charge will give you a suggested play time of 3 hours though I've listened to a four hour baseball game without having any trouble with the speaker losing power. So just charge it up and the iLive Wireless Tailgate Speaker is good to go.

A feature my kids really like is there is a LED lighting effect within the speaker having it change colors from green to red to purple while listening to it. The lighting along with the woofer make this speaker very entertaining for impromptu dance parties! Whether at a stadium parking lot, school athletic field, neighborhood park or just hanging out at your own house the iLive Wireless Tailgate Speaker is really fun to have around.

Most importantly, we've experience wonderful sound clarity and amplification making for great listening experiences. As nifty and handy as the iLive Wireless Tailgate Speaker is to use, I was amazed you can buy one for less than $100. iLive Wireless Tailgate Speakers have earned a Geek Daddy nod of approval for ease of use, convenience and sound quality. You can pick one up for yourself at Amazon.


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