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You may never learn your child's natural potential and interests if you do not introduce various activities and hobbies early in life. Because once puberty hits, children that once thought their dad being a geek was awesome will instead look upon him with embarrassment. As my own kids quickly approach their teenage years, I've noticed them not wanting to be as adventurous and try new things as they settle into new routines with the move from elementary school to junior high.

 As they become more involved with activities, studies and friends at school geeking out with their parents going on family excursions or trying out new extracurricular activities begin to lose their appeal as puberty arrives. Especially, when an interest in having a boyfriend or girlfriend begins to captivate your son or daughter's mindset and makes hanging out with mom and dad so "uncool." Don't miss out on the time when your kids actually really want to spend time with you!

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 A kid might have a love for gymnastics, but if they never come across the sport during their childhood, they most likely have missed out participating and developing that passion for it. Therefore, I highly recommend trying all sorts of activities with your children, particularly if you want them to experience the geeky side of life before they transform into TEENAGERS. After all, early education will shape their adulthood so get them started with an attitude that sets them moving forward with an appreciation for exploring and learning. As you expose them to as many activities as possible, embrace their areas of interest. 

As much as you wish to have shared interests with your kids, this is not assured. But if you don't try to do things together you will never know what similarities your children have in interests with you. Here are six examples of things a dad or mom may want to do with his kids before they hit puberty and don't want to geek out with parents anymore.

Play Games

There are games your child will enjoy that you won't but also many that the whole family will have fun playing together. For instance, get a cribbage board and a deck of cards then enjoy the game with them. It will look complicated initially, but they will get the hang of it. Set aside time maybe once a week or month to turn off  the electronics and have a family game night. We've been having a lot of fun playing the cooperative tabletop game Marvel United from Spin Master Games. Find games that get the whole family excited about spending quality time together.

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Take Combat Lessons 

My kids have become Star Wars fans through spending time watching the tv shows and movies with their dad.  Any Star Wars fan will be geeked about having an experience that lets them replicate lightsaber combat. Even if you are not a fanatic of the Star Wars franchise, anything related to a lightsaber is sure to appeal to your kids so look for a fencing class. Some of these classes actually use replica lightsabers to increase interest in the sport.

If the lightsaber angle doesn't work, try karate lessons or another martial art. Many of the tenets of the Jedi are based on elements of real martial arts. So, bottom-line find the combat skill that interests your child. Sometimes, all it takes is to ask them directly which could save you the time, money and effort otherwise guessing what they would like to do.

Do a Science Project Together 

Your children will appreciate guidance during a science project. They might need a few materials to make their project for instance; take this chance to go shopping with them. Furthermore, you can give a few suggestions to improve their experiment. However, refrain from discouraging their project idea. Sometimes all your kid needs is support on their aspirations. 

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Read Comic Books  

Despite a societal move away from print to electronics, you will still find shops with traditionally published comic books that you can physically hold in your hands. Naturally, your kid will love to visit such a shop. My kids have been participating in FREE COMIC BOOK DAY for years which has been a great way for our whole family to appreciate collecting comics together. Comic books are a wonderful way to encourage reading, stimulate creative thinking and promote an interest in art.

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Attend Comic-Cons 

Naturally, if your kid loves comic books, they would be delighted to attend a Comicon. At this fun event, your kids can feel comfortable and make friends. These fan festivals have a variety of things you can do as a family. If you haven't been to one, you might enjoy it more than you think. Furthermore, these cons will get your child outside the house for a breath of fresh air instead of staying stuck in the house all time playing video games or watching tv.

Use Their Fandom As Teachable Moments 

Some Star Wars movies have a lot of wisdom that you can borrow and use to educate your child. Fortunately, most sci-fi and superhero stories actually promote kindness, compassion, and innovation. Therefore, from the get-go, they encourage essential virtues in life. 

Also, if you correct your child's behavior using what Yoda said in a Star Wars movie, they will heed it. Of course, there is no excuse for bad behavior, but ultimately your child needs compassion and understanding. 

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Therefore, understand their world so that you can parent them efficiently. After all, you do not want to become that parent who takes all their interests away from them or can't relate to their interests. 

Final Thoughts 

Last but not least, you can analyze something with them under a microscope, disassemble an electronic device and put it back together, or buy them in a Halloween costume of their favorite hero. 

Whatever you do, ensure you consider the interests of your child. If you are a geek of a parent yourself, control your impulse to impose your interests on the kids. Your child might be a geek too, but it comes in different tastes, shapes, and degrees. All in all, watch your kids at all times to get a glimpse into their preferences.

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