Thursday, July 15, 2021


As a father, it is important that you spend time with your children. But, sometimes it may be difficult finding something to do, especially on those rainy days when everyone is bored and acting up. Well, this may be just the chance you were looking for to pull out a game that has been gathering dust on a closet shelf that the whole family can enjoy playing together. Turn off the electronics and spend some fun time interacting with one another with a board or card game. 

As you are probably already aware, there are copious amounts of games out there to choose from and it is impossible to have them all. Look for elements of game play that are enticing to your family and friends. Is strategy and skill important or is your crowd less serious and looking for games that involve luck and chance to win? Do you want battle royal matches where only one person is the victor or cooperative games where everyone teams together and you only win if everyone contributes together to reach an outcome. Here are a few suggestions of some games my own family has had some good times with: 

Can you monopolize the best transportation routes on a map to create the best transportation company? There are a variety of different versions of this game like the original where players compete for train routes across the country or my kids' favorite version where you battle for cab fares around New York City. An amusing way to learn about landmarks and geography while engaging in some competitive fun. I love games that combine educational content while also being entertaining. Ticket to Ride does just that!

In this game, you compete to build cities, roads, churches, and farms from tiles you select at random. There is a starter piece to get you going, and you have to attach the piece you pick somewhere on the board, obviously where it fits. To earn points, you lay a miniature person, known as a Meeple on the city or road, and once the structure is complete, you earn the points. You can lay as many Meeples on a structure as you like, and so can your opponent. The player with the most Meeple on a structure wins the points once it is completed. It is a game of both strategy and of luck. 

No games blog worth its salt would miss Pandemic while we are living through a Pandemic. This is a strategy game where you work together to cure diseases that are ravaging every corner of the globe. There are epidemic cards that supercharge the infection rate and make the pandemic worse. You are fighting against time and the board to win. It is a great game for thinking out loud and working together. 

Every father should have a set of cards at home. There are so many different games you can play with them. There are memory games where you play the cards face down and pick two trying to find pairs. Slapjack where the clue is in the name, you deal until there is a Jack and you all try to slap it, the winner picks up the cards. You also have the more complicated games such as Poker and Rummy. You could even teach the kids a lesson by using marked cards to show your kids how card sharks and magicians trick people. 

What are some of the favorite games your family plays together?

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