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cats vs pickles

My daughter adores CATS VS PICKLES the collectible toys from Cepia LLC that come in a number of sizes and shapes that make them great for either hugging or fidgeting with. Though she calls them "pickle cats" these toys either come shaped as cats or pickles that are fun to play with but aren't an actual combination of the animals and vegetables. The nice folks behind CATS VS PICKLES were very kind to send us an extra special gift box that was full of an assortment of these toys. My tween aged girl was very geeked to check out what was inside:

Cats are afraid of Pickles, but Pickles are misunderstood; they just want love! This endearing tale of friendship is a great way to teach inclusiveness because it is silly to be afraid or dislike something just because it looks a little different. And the Cats and Pickles in this collection of plush toys can be very different! There are a huge variety of character mashups in this assortment of toys ranging from cheeseburger and football themed kitties to robotic and mermaid pickles. So goofy they are irresistibly lovable to kids.

Cats vs Pickles come in blind bags where the one you get is a mystery until the package is ripped open. These are called "beans" and are about 4 inches tall by 3 inches wide. My daughter likes to fidget with these soft, bean-filled plush dolls while doing her homework. These squidgets are comforting to hold and squeeze when working through problems and concentrating on solutions. You will find a variety of different themed cats inside these blind bags as well as occasionally come across some pickles from time to time too.

These toys go up in scale to a larger jumbo 8.6 inch variety that kids can pick out there favorites at the store to bring home with them. They are very soft to hold and have cute themes to them. My daughter likes to hold one while doing bedtime reading before going to sleep at night. These bean-filled creatures feel nice against a child's cheek as they nod off to sleep.

There are also huggers that obviously are great for hugging! We have a 16.5 inch pickle at our house that my daughter loves to hug during our family movie nights. These huggers are just the perfect size for kids to snuggle with.

cats vs pickles

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