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Galaxy Quest

By Grabthar’s hammer! For more than two decades the crew of the Protector has delighted sci-fi fans with their high jinks in the movie Galaxy Quest. Intended as a parody of sci-fi television shows and movies, Galaxy Quest not only provides audiences with laughs but a quality science fiction story in its own right. Learn the inside story about the creation of Galaxy Quest from the cast and crew who worked on producing this film that expanded beyond a comedy to develop its own a cult following of diehard sci-fi fans who love the flick in a new book from Hero Collector.

Thanks to Hero Collector for providing a Galaxy Quest: The Inside Story for this blog to review and a copy of the book for a Geek Daddy to giveaway. This 200 page hardcover book is sure to delight science fiction fan who enjoys delving into the movie magic behind Hollywood motion pictures. This authorized book takes readers through the whole process of making the movie from concept art used in crafting the imagery of the film to the marketing materials utilized in promoting Galaxy Quest to the public. Start off your journey delving into the making of Galaxy Quest with a foreword by the movie's director Dean Parisot as the beginning of the book.

Galaxy Quest The Inside Story

Inspired by Star Trek actors who seemed forever type cast into their role, David Howard an office temp by day and aspiring writer by night who moved to California with the dream of making it big in Hollywood penned a screenplay called "Captain Starshine." It was the story of "a guy hopelessly mired in the role of being a sci-fi hero." The chance of his script being picked up by a Hollywood studio was 1 in 10,000 but five years later his story now named "Galaxy Quest" was showing on movie theater screens around the world and featured a stellar cast that included Tim Allen, Alan Rickman, Sigourney Weaver and Tony Shalhoub.

Tim Allen

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Fortunately for Galaxy Quest fans, Howard's script caught the attention of fledgling Hollywood studio Dream Works which was looking for family-friendly stories that would capture the attention and dollars of movie goers. Steven Spielberg who was moving beyond directing to executive producing films for Dream Works was captivated by the concept of "Captain Starshine" and greenlighted the project. Two years later Galaxy Quest was on the silver screen.

Galaxy Quest: The Inside Story includes over 60 interviews with the movie's cast and crew, including Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Sam Rockwell and Dean Parisot as well as previously unpublished photos and concept art from the film's production. It also provides an in-depth look into the film's audio and visual effects. Artists at ILM and Stan Winston Studio share with readers how a mixture of miniatures, puppets, prosthetics and CGI brought to life the incredible monsters and starships of Galaxy Quest.

the making of Galaxy Quest
pig lizard

This book earned a Geek Daddy nod of approval because of the amazing content it is chock full of. Inside stories about last minute changes to the script, behind-the-scenes pictures of modelers creating the Protector, artwork that inspired the costumes and sets used in filming are just a few of the topics covered in this wonderful book. Whether you are a movie buff or a science fiction junkie, Galaxy Quest: The Inside Story provides an insightful look into the making of a fantastic movie. 

galaxy quest

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  1. My favorite character changes all the time because that movie is so great, but I always enjoy Guy, mostly from the comedy that comes from him being genre-savvy!