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original sloth calendar

I know we live in a digital world, but sometimes instead of keeping track of your life through an app it is nice to utilize an old school wall calendar. My middle school aged daughter likes to have a wall calendar hanging in her bedroom to markdown things like her schedule of activities, special events and people's birthdays. Plus, she LOVES sloths so in addition to being handy this calendar from Workman Publishing, The Original Sloths Calendar makes a nice decoration for her bedroom wall. 

There’s just something about sloths: their gentle expressions, their long, furry arms, their penchant for just hanging around. Not to mention how they set such a good example for the rest of us—slow down and bask in the moment! The Original Sloths Wall Calendar from Workman Publishing features a year of gorgeous, full-color images from photographer and sloth fanatic Lucy Cooke.  For example, one month highlights Sweet Darien, saying “hello” from upside down. Another month features best buddies Branston and Pickles, enjoying a tasty floral snack. And another month showcases an irresistible basketful of sleepy sloths. If you know someone who adores sloths, it is time to get a calendar for 2022!

sloth calendar
The pictures in the Original Sloths Wall Calendar are accompanied by charming captions and fascinating sloth facts: Did you know sloths’ long claws are not made of keratin, like most animals’, but are actually long, protruding finger bones? Ok that fact might have just made you think ewww but the pictures in the calendar are sure to make you exclaim awww. And these Sloth themed calendars are printed on FSC-certified paper so you don't have to feel guilty about trees being cut down to produce the product. In fact, creating jobs through sustainable forestry helps people make a living in rural environments instead of doing activities to support their families that are more damaging to these habitats and dangerous to the animals the live there.

sloth wall calendar

Interested in something that takes a bit less wall space? There is also a mini version of the Sloths calendar available from Workman Publishing. At 7" x 7" this useful calendar is a great way to add some charm to a fridge, locker or other small space. It also provides a year's worth of sloth photographs from Lucy Cooke to enjoy as well as contains fantastic stories, fascinating trivia and fun facts about these animals. The mini calendar is also printed on FSC-certified paper.

Time is ticking. Get your updated 2022 calendars before too much time goes by. You do want to get the most bang for your buck as there is much more value in a calendar getting it before New Year's Day rather than the Fourth of July after all. And if sloths aren't your thing Workman has numerous other calendar types and themes to choose from. Check them out at

sloth calendar 2022

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