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Marvel United

Welcome to Wakanda! We had a marvelous game night playing the RISE OF THE BLACK PANTHER expansion to Marvel United.  Marvel United allows players to role play as their favorite superheroes attempting to stop a villain's evil master plan. Combing strategic elements from both board and card games, Marvel United provides a fantastic tabletop gaming experience.

What I particularly appreciate about Marvel United is that the rules are simple enough for kids to join in to play with parents for a family game night, but it is challenging enough that adults can have as much fun as their children in playing it. Plus, it is a cooperative game, so all the players work together instead of competing against each other trying to win. So, you are all on the same team going for a joint win in Marvel United.

Marvel United

Our most recent bout in Marvel United took us to Wakanda with the RISE OF THE BLACK PANTHER expansion that I picked up by investing in a CMON / Spin Master Games Kickstarter campaign. Our team consisted of my son who took on the role of Black Panther, my daughter who played as Princess Shuri and myself who joined the team as Okoye, captain of the Dora Milaje Wakandan royal guard. I painted up our game pieces and we were ready to go to Wakanda. Let the battle begin!

Despite its technological prowess and wealth, the kingdom of Wakanda finds itself embroiled in a struggle for its throne. Erik Killmonger has taken an oath of vengeance against the royal bloodline for the killing of his father and has a master plan to take control of Wakanda as its new ruler. To that end Killmonger seeks to radicalize the population against their king, smuggling weapons and mercenaries into the country in preparation for an uprising that would place him on the throne. Can Black Panther, Shuri, and Okoye stop Killmonger's master plan?


Our heroes are defeated if Killmonger earns three crisis tokens being placed on four or more locations on the game board. Crisis tokens are earned when villain cards pulled result in more thugs or civilians being placed on a location than available slots. Also, the heroes lose if they or the Killmonger expend all of their action cards before the villain's health points are depleted. 

The heroes win if they deplete Killmonger of all his health points. They just can't attack the villain right away though. Before attacking the villain directly, players must first complete two of three task cards by rescuing civilians, defeating thugs or clearing threats. Keep in mind Killmonger can knock out our characters and earn crisis tokens from the start of the game but until we complete a few tasks the villain has an advantage on us.

Black Panther


Killmonger also has another bit of an edge on our heroes in an aspect that is unique to the RISE OF THE BLACK PANTHER Marvel United expansion. During setup, each player is given an endangered location token. Each hero selects a different location on the board to place their token. If the villain's actions result in there being more civilian or thug tokens on a location then there are allocated spaces, a hero who has his or her endangered location takes 1 damage each turn until the overflow is reversed. Heroes need to protect these endangered locations or risk being KO'd.

Marvel United Rise of the Black Panther

The advantages of the villain though are the heroes can strategize and work together to win the game. From cooperating to achieve objectives or passing on action tokens from one turn to another for other players to utilize, teamwork is very important when it comes to winning in Marvel United. We've found it really takes a united effort to be competitive in Marvel United.

Black Panther, Shuri and Okoye held their own in our game, but Killmonger was able to keep filling locations with thugs that kept us off kilter and unable to achieve completing the two tasks needed to engage him one on one. Killmonger was able to KO Black Panther, Shuri and Okoye as our being aggressive to complete tasks opened our heroes up to taking damage. Knock outs can really throw you off your game plan and we never really recovered from those setbacks. 


Painted Figures

In the end Killmonger outlasted us and achieved his master plan to become ruler of Wakanda. While he didn't win by accomplishing his villainous plot, our team of heroes exhausted all our action cards without eliminating all of Killmonger's health points. Doah! 

Marvel United Game

While we weren't victorious this game of Marvel United, the kids and I had a blast having a super time battling Killmonger. We are geeked about having a rematch! And actually since my kids look forward to game nights playing Marvel United in the end we actually do win every time we spend quality family time together. Wakanda Forever

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