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Originally slated to be shown at movie theaters, the pandemic forced the film's producers to pivot and instead debut THE MITCHELLS VS THE MACHINES on Netflix instead. Covid-19 also caused changes in the publicity for the film with Sony Pictures hosting an online press junket having cast and crew promote the event instead of a more traditional in-person Hollywood event. This opened up an opportunity for this Geek Daddy to participate in an advance screening of the movie and join in a chat with Director Michael Rianda along with actors Beck Bennett, Maya Rudolph and Abi Jacobson about their involvement in the making of THE MITCHELLS VS THE MACHINES. I was so geeked to participate in this online press junket!

THE MITCHELLS VS THE MACHINES hit close to home for me in being relatable to the relationship I have with my own daughter. She's growing up becoming a teenager and isn't daddy's "little girl" anymore and it hasn't been an easy transition for either of us. That is the same dynamic Rick Mitchell finds himself in with his daughter Katie as his teenage daughter plans to head off to college. Things are a bit different in our household that my daughter is just in middle school and we aren't caught up in an apocalypse caused by sentient killer robots but yet there are a lot of relatable themes and positive messages that both of us got out of watching this movie. Funny how an adventure/comedy animated movie can get parents and their children talking about their emotions and relationship problems. We laughed and cheered on the Mitchells through their adventure and talked about how the movie made us feel about how both of us were acting toward the other as the credits rolled. It was a great movie night!

girl dad
girl dad

A movie synopsis for THE MITCHELLS VS THE MACHINES → an old school father and his plugged-in, filmmaker daughter struggle to relate as their family embarks on a cross country road trip taking her to her first semester of college. Their drive is interrupted by a machine apocalypse that threatens to tear these unlikely heroes apart unless they can find a way to join forces and save humanity. THE MITCHELLS VS THE MACHINES is rated PG for action and some language with a runtime of 109 minutes.

the mitchells vs the machines

THE MITCHELLS VS THE MACHINES is now available on Digital, Blu-ray and DVD. Get the movie in a Blu-ray + DVD + Digital "Katie Mitchell's Special Edition" with over two hours of new content including an all-new short and an extended cut of the feature presentation. The home entertainment video release of THE MITCHELLS VS THE MACHINES also includes deleted scenes and a filmmaker's commentary. 

If you missed out on seeing THE MITCHELLS VS THE MACHINES on Netflix, don't miss out on viewing the movie via Blu-ray, DVD or Digital. This movie earned a Geek Daddy nod of approval and is a great selection for a family movie night. Plus, you won't want to miss the short Dog Cop 7: The Final Chapter included with the Katie Mitchell's Special Edition Blu-ray. In a world where the holidays are being haunted by the Candy Cane Kidnapper there is only one Dog with the skills to solve the case.

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