Thursday, June 23, 2022


nerf mascot

NERF the toy brand known for foam dart weaponry and sports balls has just unleashed upon the world its first-ever mascot ... and it is a doozy. Murph from NERF is a towering monstrosity that looks like a sasquatch mated with a koosh ball.  Mascots are supposed to be about fun and Murph is literally made out of what comes to front of mind when people think about NERF ... the foam darts that these toys are known for.

Hasbro, the parent company of NERF, will be utilizing Murph for a public relations campaign that encourages families to step away from their screens and get up and active with NERF to create memories that will last a lifetime. Can Murph encourage kids to step away from Fortnite for some backyard NERF battles? I hope so because people, my own kids included, really do need to get outside and get active more often ... and who doesn't love battling with friends and families with a bunch of NERF launchers? You can have a real life Fortnite battle royale with the cool Nerf toys that are available right now. I wish they had this quality and variety of NERF products when I was a kid!

Hasbro describes Murph as follows: Made completely out of official NERF dart materials, Murph is the personification of the playful spirit – the one that can only be unleashed with NERF. They’re a natural athlete, great at NERFoop and an expert at surprise NERF Super Soaker ambushes. They can also toss a NERF Vortex Football like no other and, of course, are a fantastic trick shooter with any NERF blaster.

Find out more about the Unleash the Play in You campaign and exciting products from NERF by checking out Murph's Twitter account. @MurphFromNerf is a Nerfoid with one goal ... to unleash the play in you! And if you start following Murph on Twitter make sure to stay in touch with this geek daddy too at @Geekdad248. Woot! Woot!

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