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Thank you to The Noble Collection for providing with a complimentary Jurassic Park Chess Set

Noble Collection Jurassic Park Chess

Chess is such a great game for children and teenagers as players need to engage in critical thinking, creativity and decisiveness to be competitive in. Traits not just important for winning the game, but also for being successful in life. Yet many kids view Chess as being stodgy and boring.

The traditional layout of a chess board and game pieces which goes back more than 1,400 years can be a turnoff for a generation that has grown up with high-definition movies and video games that incorporate amazing CGI special effects. So, why not make Chess more appealing to potential players? The Noble Collection has done just that with game sets inspired by Batman, Harry Potter, Minions, Star Trek and Jurassic Park.

My son stunned me the other day when he asked me out of the blue if I'd play a game of chess with him. He pulled out the Jurassic Park Chess Set from The Noble Collection off our game shelf in our house's playroom (aka the basement). Originally supposed to be my mancave for watching sports, which my wife disdains having shown on our living room television, the space has become a hangout space for my teenagers and their friends. The game table I setup in the basement became a battleground as our teams of dinosaurs fought each other on the chess board.

My T-Rex dominated and remained King of Jurassic Park as I ultimately obtained a checkmated for a victory. Expecting my son to be disappointed in the loss, instead he surprised me exclaiming "Wow! I didn't realize Chess could be so fun!" He has started googling Chess tutorials on YouTube now to learn how to beat his dad. It appears my days on top of the Chess world may be numbered.

Of course, Chess is fun when you are playing with dinosaurs! We had a roaring good time playing our father son Chess match with this Jurassic Park set from The Noble Collection. All it took to capture my son's attention was to add some dinosaurs to the game. I caught him playing against his twin sister the other day, do you think someone may be hooked on the game now?

Jurassic Park Chess

Recommended for ages 7+, the Jurassic Park Chess Set comes with 32 game pieces sculpted to look like fan favorite dinosaurs from the Universal Pictures movies and a Jurassic Park themed board. You can purchase this Jurassic Park Chess Set on for $49 dollars. In today's inflation getting a nice chess for that price is like going back in time to buy it.

Based upon the Jurassic Park Chess Set capturing my son's interest in the game and the fun time we had playing together in our father son Chess match, it absolutely earns a Geek Daddy nod of approval. Plus, I'm a movie geek who loves the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World movies and it was awesome to play a game of chess with dinosaurs. If you are looking to get kids in your life interested in playing Chess, check out the sets available from The Noble Collection.

Jurassic Park

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