Tuesday, August 23, 2022


wendy and db band

Equipped with two guitars, a ukulele, and their voices, the multicultural, award-winning, Chicago-based children’s music duo, Wendy and DB, are committed to introducing the Blues to children. They blend traditional Blues tones with catchy lyrics that focus on inclusion, diversity, love, kindness, and family values. Their kindie rock style introduces children to Blues music infused with entertaining and educational themes. Wendy and DB's fifth album, INTO THE LITTLE BLUE HOUSE, is coming out soon with a release date of September 23, 2022.

INTO THE LITTLE BLUE HOUSE provides listeners with a Chicago blues band experience.  The album's similarly named opening track, “Little Blue House,” is full of Blues vibes with lyrics which extol sharing and mutual respect for all. This number is grounded by Wendy and DB’s heartfelt vocals and embellished by remarkable bursts of blues harp joy and an improvisation of sustained intensity from Billy Branch, heir apparent to the Chicago blues harmonica throne. “Going to the City” rolls out with a gorgeous, hard-driving backbeat from the drum set of the one and only Kenny “Beedy Eyes” Smith. Wendy and DB are thoroughly in charge of the energy, with their powerful voices accompanied by “shout chorus” interjections from a group of children. The theme is one of wide-eyed amazement as travelers are embraced by the excitement of urban bustle, enhanced by guitar and piano solos of effortless, fluid virtuosity by Mike Wheeler and Johnny Iguana.

kindie rock

Another highlight of the album is “Women of the Blues,” which opens with guest powerhouse singer Ivy Fords’s gospel style recitative calling for names of women who have given voice to the feminine expression of the blues. “Women of the Blues” is an up-tempo, eight-to-the-bar, hard-driving number, with Ivy joined by Wendy Morgan and the big bold sound of Anne Harris’s violin, to render tribute to female blues legends, from the great Ma Rainey and Bessie Smith to the indefatigable singer/guitarist Sister Rosetta Tharp, Memphis Minnie, Koko Taylor, and more.

INTO THE LITTLE BLUE HOUSE will be available at Amazon, iTunes, and CDBaby. 10% of proceeds from album sales will go to The Pinetop Perkins Foundation. For more information about the album or band go to wendyanddb.com

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