Thursday, February 2, 2023


sports that aren't too physically active

Is it still a sport if you don’t break a sweat? Some would firmly argue ‘NO’. However, others would argue that a sport requires physical skill - and not necessarily physical exertion. 

For those who may not be in great shape or may have mobility issues, activities like golf and darts can be a great way to tap into your competitive side while also being a test of physical skill. Whether you count them as sports or not, they could be a great replacement for the likes of football or cycling if you aren’t athletic enough (or if you’re just feeling lazy). 


Darts is one of the few sports you can play with a beer in your hand. Commonly played in sports bars, it’s also a game you can play at home (provided that you’ve got a spare wall to hang a dartboard, and you don’t mind it getting a few holes). There are many different variations of darts including Around The World and Halve It. Being good at math can help, although you can always use a calculator. 

Cue sports 

Cue sports include the likes of pool, snooker and billiards. Using a cue stick, players must work out the right angles and use the right amount of power to knock the right balls into one of several pockets on the table. It’s a test of physical skill, but it’s definitely not physically active. 


Bowling could be a fun sport to get into if you’ve got a local bowling alley you can use. While some of the balls can be quite heavy, it’s definitely not a strenuous game. Some bowling alleys can cost quite a bit to use, however you may be able to save money with memberships. 


Boules is the collective name for a wide range of games including bocce, petanque and bowls (not to be confused with bowling). Players must throw or roll balls across a green or court with the aim of getting their ball as close as possible to a smaller ball commonly known as the ‘jack’. If you do find the balls in bowling too heavy, you could find that this game is much easier as the balls are lighter. 


Golf can involve a lot of walking and you do have to carry all your equipment (if you’re not using a golf car/got a caddy), but is generally not too physically active. As a result, it’s enjoyed by players of all ages and fitness levels. If you’ve never played golf before, it could be worth taking a trip to your local course. A game of golf can last several hours - mini-golf is typically a lot quicker, although not quite as serious. 


Shooting doesn’t require any physical exertion, but is very much a test of accuracy. Participants typically use a rifle with a bore sight or telescopic sight to hit a target, but there are many variations that are very different such as clay pigeon shooting. If you have a shooting range near you, it could be a sport worth trying. Shooting can start to cost a fair amount of money once you buy your own gun and regularly buy your own ammo, so make sure to budget for this. 


Esports may well be the most controversial ‘sport’ on this list. It’s essentially professional gaming. You won’t burn any calories taking part in this sport, although there’s an undeniable element of physical challenge to it - it’s a test of accuracy, reaction speed and muscle memory. This guide explains exactly how to get into esports.

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