Thursday, February 2, 2023


gopro cameras

Loads of people are ditching their cars and deciding to ride to work on a bicycle. It’s better for the environment, improves your fitness, and is much cheaper too. Plenty of you will have bikes that you use quite regularly. Cycling is a fantastic hobby to do with your kids on warm weekends, but we’re explicitly talking about riding a bike as part of your daily commute here. 

If you ride on the roads or on a dedicated cycle path, there’s one thing you should always wear. Yes, yes, a helmet is the obvious answer here! We all know you should wear a helmet, but atop that helmet, you should have a GoPro. Other brands of cameras exist, but GoPro is the most synonymous with helmet cams. Cyclists have been using them for years - and you should join in. 

Some people wonder what the point of these cameras is. You look a bit stupid, do you not? Is it just for show? In reality, a helmet camera can be the most important part of your cycling kit - now, let’s see why:

Improve your safety 

Having a camera on top of your helmet can improve your safety while you cycle. Other road users and cyclists will see the camera, which has an interesting effect on how they treat you. You’re less likely to be subjected to bad driving or riding from other individuals. 


Because they see the GoPro on your head and realize that they’ll be caught on camera doing anything stupid. A car driver is less likely to overtake you riskily or cut in front of you if there’s a camera catching them doing this. It won’t eliminate other people’s stupidity or road rage, but it can be a deterrent. 

Think of it like a CCTV camera for your house. You stick them outside and there’s a change in response to how people act. You’re less likely to see suspicious behavior as people see the cameras and don’t want to risk being filmed. 

Provide damning evidence 

What if something does happen while you’re cycling? You’re trundling along minding your own business, then WHAM, someone cuts in front of you and makes you crash. It’s entirely not your fault, but the driver is trying to pin the blame on you. Or, even worse, they’ve driven off, leaving you bruised and with a damaged bike. 

At this point, you can call on someone like Kaine Law bicycle accident lawyer to try and get compensation for any damages or injuries. Thanks to your helmet cam, you caught the whole thing on video. There’s clear evidence of the driver causing the accident, along with their license plate. It’s easy to find the driver if they drove off, while all the evidence is stacked against them. So, if something untoward does happen while cycling, you’ve got a simple way of proving it wasn’t your fault and getting a bit of financial compensation for your troubles. 

GoPros and small cameras are useful in all kinds of cool situations. To be honest, it’s pretty enjoyable just watching the footage back of your morning commute. It’s interesting seeing everything as you cycle and spotting things that are funny! But, from a safety perspective, it’s one of the best things you can wear to feel safe while riding.

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