Friday, April 28, 2023


national superhero day

Today is National Superhero Day which for many at first thought probably brings fantasy characters like Spider-Man and the Guardians of the Galaxy to mind; but I wanted to take a moment to use this occasion to salute real life heroes ... the fire fighters in our world. As the name applies, this profession started out with a focus on keeping towns from burning to the ground (think the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 which destroyed more than 17,000 buildings and killed 300 people) and over the years has evolved so that fire fighters do much more than extinguish burning structures and wild fires. They are now first responders to HAZMAT situations, extract people from vehicle crashes, and provide emergency medical treatment in a variety of scenarios, among other responsibilities. Have you ever thought about how many different ways fire fighters contribute to making communities safe? 

I really hadn't until being invited to participate in a day in the life experience which let me feel what it is like to be on-the-job as a firefighter. My day as a firefighter included a searching inside a smoke-filled building for people to be rescued, extinguishing a car fire, a jaws of life vehicle extraction, an active shooter paramedic scenario and addressing a mock HAZMAT threat. This movie geek was able to live out some real life fire fighter moments as if he was starring in the flick BURN. You don't realize until experiencing it how heavy the gear is and how quick on your feet you have to be both mentally and physically when it comes to this job until going through the same drills the pros do.

Let the firefighters in your community know you appreciate them on this National Superhero Day and throughout the year. Say thank you and express your appreciation for their service by giving your local department a positive shout out on social media. Are you following your local fire department on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter? Most of some sort of social media presence.

Remember, firefighting is a dangerous profession, with these men and women are putting their lives on the line in service to others. Let your local City Council representatives know you support your local government spending the resources to ensure these people who risk their lives are going into peril with the best tools and resources to accomplish their job. Firefighters need to have the ability to not only get the people they are rescuing out of danger, but also be able to return home to their own families as well when their mission has been accomplished. 

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Thanks again to the local departments that let me get a better understanding what is like to live a day in the life of a firefighter at my county's emergency training center

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