Friday, April 28, 2023


guardians of the galaxy vol 3

Thank you to Marvel Studios for sending a MARVELOUS Guardians of the Galaxy swag pack my way in commemoration of NATIONAL SUPERHERO DAY. My son has already appropriated the cap, t-shirt, stickers, and Funko POPS! that came in. Our family is GEEKED to see the newest Marvel Cinematic Universe film when it flies into theaters next weekend.

Get ready to face the music 🎶 Experience Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, written and directed by James Gunn, only in theaters beginning May 5. Get tickets now:

In Marvel Studios Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 the beloved band of misfits are looking a bit different these days. Peter Quill, still reeling from the loss of Gamora, must rally his team around him to defend the universe along with protecting one of their own. A mission that, if not completed successfully, could quite possibly lead to the end of the Guardians as we know them.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is rated PG-13 by the Motion Picture Association of America for intense sequences of violence, action, strong language, suggestive sexual content, drug references, and thematic elements. The movie delves into the origins of Rocket Racoon while bringing James Gunn tenure with the franchise to a conclusion. It brings back Cosmo the Spacedog as well as debuts the character Adam Warlock whose introduction into the MCU was teased at the conclusion of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. Can the Guardians defeat the High Evolutionary to save the galaxy in what could be their final adventure? 

cosmo the spacedog

The film has a runtime of 2 hours and 30 minutes. Be prepared to for the Guardians to rock on through the movie which is sure to be filled with stellar music which Guardians of the Galaxy flicks are known for. Is there a specific tune you'd like to hear incorporated into the Vol.3 mixtape of a soundtrack? 

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