Monday, May 15, 2023


Originally released as a web comic strip, CARTOONSHOW from Adventure Time artist Derek M Ballard is coming to print via an Oni Press graphic novel. It will be available in hardcover for $21.99 at on August 2, 2023. Cartoonshow follows the real-life challenges of being a single dad with insightful humor and satirical reflection of contemporary American life.

Derek is a solo parent raising three kids in the American South while trying to make art. Told in a series of free-flowing and often hilarious comic essays, Cartoonshow gets to the heart of the struggle to be a creative person in a society that doesn't value anything other than how much it can grind out of you. Covid, poverty, the failing social safety net, predatory lenders, and literal acts of God can't stop our hero!

“This book of cartoons is a whole slew of dumb, funny, embarrassing, and true things that happened to my kids and me. Stuff that befalls average families every single day,” Derek M. Ballard remarked to “Oni Press made it possible to support my family while I brought my uncompromised scribbly vision to the page. That's a big deal. Unbelievable really!"

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