Thursday, June 1, 2023


what is kindie rock

Musical artists who focus on content meant for children have developed their own niche that has become known as KINDIE ROCK. Many of these performers started off performing to adult audiences and have transitioned their styles to be suitable to youthful listeners. Dan Zanes (lead singer for the Del Fuegos), The Verve Pipe, and They Might Be Giants from performing at bars and stadiums to playing at libraries and community events as they've become leading artists in kindie rock.

Kindie rock artists don't necessarily alter their music style but instead the content so it is family friendly and in addition to being entertaining often incorporate educational aspects into their tunes. Kindie rock, also known as "kindie", is a style of children's music that melds the sensibility of a singer-songwriter with themes aimed at kids. Often times kindie rock is aimed at preschoolers; but some artists fine tune their performances for elementary school or junior high aged kids. Kindie Rock niche though tends to be mainly children aged 2 through 8 years old. 

I found my kids learned a lot while having fun listening to kindie rock songs when they were preschool and elementary school aged. Listening to songs at home and going to see performers provided good times and bonding opportunities. The best kindie rock artists are those whose music not only entertains children, but the moms and dads who are also in the audience. There is a reason kindie rock is referred to as not just children's music but "family music." 

kindie rock

My own kids' current appreciation of music goes back to us enjoying kindie rock as a family. They were exposed to various types of music by different kindie rock artists including the blues, jazz, folk tunes, country, latin music and more. Listening to music became engrained with them as something enjoyable to do. So, I regularly share information about kindie artists on this blog as a way to share the enjoyment my family has had with others. I hope you tune into these posts. Rock on! 

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