Tuesday, September 26, 2023


St Louis City Museum

Throughout the year, St. Louis' CITY MUSEUM provides a fun menagerie of unique environments and exhibits that kids and kids at heart are sure to be geeked to explore. What was once a ten story shoe factory and warehouse has now been transformed into an artistic wonderland that will put your curiosity and imagination into overdrive. 

Do you have the courage to thrust yourself down a ten story slide that was originally a shaft used to transport finished shoes from the building's factory area to its warehouse? Brave enough to tackle a subterranean maze called "the caves?" Have the stamina to navigate a vertical climbing course on the exterior of the building complete with planes to leap into that gives you the feeling of soaring over the cityscape? These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the exciting and exhilarating experiences to be had at the City Museum. 

st louis city museum
city museum

And while visiting this St. Louis, Missouri attraction anytime during the year will be entertaining, a visit at Halloween is extra special. From September 29th - October 28th the City Museum is going all out to amaze and mystify. FRIGHT AT THE MUSEUM will feature special Halloween themed exhibits and entertainment. There will also be two pop up pubs for the occasion for adults to enjoy, Vampire Bar and Coven & Cauldron featuring some spooktacular cocktails. 

fright at the museum

For more information about Fright at the Museum, visit citymuseum.org

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