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unboxboardom subscription service

My family LOVES family game nights, so we were GEEKED to be invited to participate in a review of the subscription service through this blog's affiliation with U.S. Family Guide. Turn off televisions and set aside electronical devices to spend some quality family time together playing a new game each month sent to you in the mail through this board game focused subscription service. For $29.99 per month your family will be sent a game to play for a night of family fun.

Each month you can select one of three games featured by to be sent to you or agree to be surprised with the subscription service choosing for you what will be received based upon information you provide the company about your family. We decided to choose for ourselves rather than be surprised during a trial month provided to us for free from So, in early November we received in email with three game choices to choose from: Photosynthesis, Wordoku, or Fuse. We picked FUSE which was recommended for 1-5 players, ages 10+, with an average game time of 10 minutes.

unbox boardom

Subscribers who choose their own games must make a selection within 5 days of receiving a notification email from which arrives at the beginning of the month or the service defaults to the surprise pick option. The game arrived at our house 2 weeks later. Games normally arrive around the 15th of the month and the service sends you an email with tracking information as it is in route to you. I found the communications from the company and delivery of the product very professional. 


Oh no! Intruders have made their way onto your ship and planted bombs all around with the goal of total destruction! In FUSE, players will have to work together in real-time to diffuse all the bombs in ten minutes or fewer (pressure much?!) You will diffuse the bombs by rolling different colored and numbered dice and have to match up specific combinations on the bomb cards to diffuse them. 

When the dice are rolled, players must decide who will get which dice, but each player must take one and only one. Add variety to the game with different difficulty levels and download the free companion app with a built in timer, sound effects, and voice overs for extra intensity! Godspeed!

unboxboardom family game night

The selection emails includes the following:

  • Number of players;
  • Average time the game takes to play;
  • How "family friendly" is the game; 
  • How much complexity is involved; 
  • Is it a good game for groups;
  • The UnboxBoardom team's "insider" thoughts/advice about the game.
We picked FUSE based upon it having a high rating for being family friendly and low level of complexity so it would easy to play right out of the box. We weren't disappointed when it arrived. 

The game provided an energetic, exciting family game night experience. Though the countdown timer has each game last just ten minutes, it was providing such a good time we kept playing it over and over again for more than 2 hours.

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If game nights are part of your family routine, is a nice way to keep the enthusiasm alive. Based upon my family's experience, this board game themed subscription service earned a Geek Daddy nod of approval. It provides fun games from a company that provides quality customer service and reliable deliveries. 

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