Monday, March 4, 2024


2024 autorama

Over the weekend, the annual AUTORAMA show was taking place at the Huntington Place convention center in downtown Detroit. More than 800 classic cars and customized hotrods were showcased during the event. When you live in the Motor City it is part of the region's car culture that fathers and sons bond over checking out cool rides. My boy and I did exactly that spending some quality time together enjoying all that AUTORAMA had to offer.

Here is a highlight reel of our walk around the AUTORAMA show floor:

My son's favorite car at AUTORAMA was this souped-up Ford Mustang. He'd love to take that out for a spin on a track! That car has some nice Motor City muscle! 

2024 autorama hightlights

This gritty street racer with an Old English D on the grill caught my attention. Piecing together a vehicle to race against your buddies on a rural dirt road or urban back alley for drag racing bragging rights is like an elixir of youth for a middle-aged dad like me. So, this was one of my favorite cars on display at this year's AUTORAMA.

detroit autorama 2024

This year was Autorama's 71st annual event in Detroit. For more information about Autorama or other hot rod shows held around the country, including Cincinatti, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Indianapolis and Kansas City, visit Also check out @hotrodshows on Instagram and Twitter

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