Friday, March 15, 2024


rick and morty season 7

I was GEEKED to get home from work tonight and find RICK AND MORTY: THE COMPLETE SEVENTH SEASON on Blu-ray had just arrived in the mail courtesy of Warner Bros Discovery Home Entertainment promoting its home video release. You know what I'll be doing this weekend → binge watching the new intergalactic adventures across the multiverse of a mad scientist and his family. The Blu-ray and DVD for RICK AND MORTY: THE COMPLETE SEVENTH SEASON which contains all ten episodes of the Adult Swim animated series seventh season and a number of special features is available now on

The show nominated for a 2023 Emmy in the Outstanding Animation Program category is back for more adventures with Season 7. The possibilities are endless with this show: what's up with Jerry? EVIL Summer?! And will they ever go back to the high school? Maybe not! But let's find out! 

rick and morty season 7

Special bonus content for the home entertainment Blu-ray and DVD release of RICK AND MORTY: THE COMPLETE SEVENTH SEASON include these featurettes:

  • Inside the Episodes -- Take a deeper look into each of the ten episodes from the season;
  • Directing Unmortricken -- Jacob Hair walks viewers through the challenges of making one of the most ambitious and action packed episodes in the series history;
  • The Characters of Season 7 -- A wide-ranging look at how the character team crafted this season's new designs.
  • Inside Season 7 -- A look at the making of the season from the perspective of various members of the crew.

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