Sunday, April 21, 2024


teanie tots

Fans of Moosh-Moosh plush toys and travel pillows should check out Teanie Tots a new line of collectible vinyl figures from MMG Brands. Teanie Tots are cute 1.5 inch figures inspired by Moosh-Moosh characters that sit within tiny tea cups. While this toy line embraces its roots with Moosh-Moosh, MMG Brands plans on developing Teanie Tots as becoming distinct filled with unique characters and stories.

The 2024 Teanie Tots Collection includes the following characters:



Whether it's tea parties with friends or embarking on epic quests in a child's imagination, Boba the bear is ready for every adventure.



Out digging dirt or running in the grass, Cannoli the dog is a wonderful companion for every backyard playtime. Made in durable high-quality vinyl, Cannoli is ready for any game of fetch-the-teaspoon.


teanie tots toys

Chickpea the bird is eternally excited to host tea parties and welcomes every new friend with graceful ease. Always eager to meet new people and make them smile, Chickpea is an excellent friend for any child.



Friendly, a little silly, but always focused: Fritter the frog will jump as high as needed to get any job done! No mountain too high and problem too small, Fritter will tackle it with a can-do attitude.



If there is something Truffle the pig loves more than cooking, it’s being neat and tidy. Whether making finger sandwiches for the tea party, or cleaning up what’s left, Truffle is always happy to help.


moosh moosh plush toys

Pistachio the rabbit is always on the move. Whether in the garden growing all sorts of beautiful plants, or hopping around from one friend to the next, Pistachio is eternally excited and ready for anything.


teanie tots toy figures

There’s never a boring moment after Panini the cat sashays into the room. Mischievous and quick, trouble is soon to follow wherever the little cat goes.

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