Sunday, September 24, 2017

LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game

My kids have been looking forward all year long to The LEGO Ninjago Movie arriving in theaters.  So they were ecstatic when after going to see the film on its opening weekend, I surprised them with The LEGO Ninjago Movie video game when we arrived home from the theater. The twins loved playing the game so much it was really hard pulling them away from it when bedtime rolled around.  With movie quality graphics and an impressive variety of ninja movies that players can utilize while controlling their favorite LEGO NINJAGO heroes this game absolutely gets A Geek Daddy nod of approval.

The video game allows players to battle against Lord Garmadon and his Shark Army as their favorite NINJAGO heroes:  Lloyd, Nya, Jay, Kai, Cole, Zane and Master Wu.  Learning and mastering martial arts moves such as Rushing Boar (a dash attack to charge an enemy), Floating Butterfly (a jumping lunge attack that allows a ninja to leap at a foe from above), Swooping Hawk (a jump slam attack) and Stinging Bee (a flurry of stinging strikes against an opponent).  Utilize these and other powerful combat moves to tackle adrenaline pumping fight sequences that will make you feel like a part of the big screen action from The LEGO NINJAGO Movie.

In addition to learning fighting moves, master the art of Ninja-gility as you play The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game by running on walls, high-jumping and learning other ninja skills.  As players progress in learning fighting skills and athletic abilities, they will rank up acquiring new maneuvers and skills plus additional combat techniques on the way to mastering the art of Spinjitzu.  Plus each character has their own unique elemental powers and upgradeable weapons to develop and utilize in the game.

Players must overcome the challenges presented in eight levels each based upon locations from the movie's story and the LEGO NINJAGO television series.  Each location has a number of hidden secrets to discover to help you make your way through the game's storyline. Explore a variety of environments ranging from NINJAGO City to the jungles of NINJAGO Island as you battle your way through these locations trying to overcome the evil menace of the dreaded Lord Garmadon.

Also each of these locations has its own unique Challenge Dojo where players can have fun testing their ninja skills in different ways.  The main storyline for the game can be played either by a single player or two players can play cooperatively.  The twins really enjoyed partnering up to battle the bad guys in The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game.  Special Battle Maps also allow up to four players to compete in three different game modes against one another through a split screen format.  My wife and I joined in the Battle Map action with the kids providing for some great family time together enjoying this game.

Bring home from the theater the action and humor of the big-screen animated adventure The LEGO NINJAGO Movie with this great video game.  Created by TT Games, the developers behind LEGO Dimensions, and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game allows players to immerse themselves within the film's adventurous story so they can experience what it is like to be a NINJAGO warrior themselves.  The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam.  For more information, please visit lnmvg.wbgames.comNinja go!

Saturday, September 23, 2017


Happy Batman Day! Four years ago, DC Entertainment organized a special day promoting their most popular comic book character's 75th anniversary with freebies and special deals from partnering retailers.  That celebration of the Caped Crusader has become an annual event, but this year's festivities have a new twist to them...everyone's favorite villainous Harley Quinn has taken it over!

2017 marks the Clown Princess of Crime's 25th birthday.  Harley Quinn's character was first introduced in 1992 when she debuted on Batman: The Animated Series.  Her role in the DC Universe has expanded since her introduction in that animated television show to include her own comic book, inclusion in video games including the Batman: Arkham series and a starring role in the Suicide Squad movie.  Harley Quinn has become a fan favorite in her own right.


Stop by a participating comic book shop TODAY to pick up a FREE Harley Quinn Day comic book.  They are giving out 3 to choose from.  A DC Super Hero Girls comic for young readers, which I plan to take my daughter to go pick up, as well as reprints of Batman #16 and Harley Quinn #11 are also being given away.

DC Super Hero Girls Batman Day 2017 Special Edition #1 features a chapter of the upcoming all-ages original graphic novel DC Super Hero Girls: Out of the Bottle, starring Harley Quinn and written by Shea Fontana with art by Marcelo DiChiara and Agnes Garbowska and a cover by Yancey Labat.

Batman Day 2017 Special Edition #1 reprints Batman #16, the first chapter of "I Am Bane," written by Tom King with art by David Finch. This issue's cover art is by Ryan Sook and features Batman and Harley Quinn in an homage to The Dark Knight Returns #1. 

This issue also includes a new, three-page original story written by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti with art by Bret Blevins.

Harley Quinn Batman Day 2017 Special Edition #1 reprints Harley Quinn #11, the first chapter of "Joker Loves Harley," written by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti with art by John Timms and a cover by Amanda Conner.

CLICK HERE to find a participating comic book shop, bookstore or library near you that is giving away these comic books.


Enjoy Harley Quinn Day with FREE activity sheets, coloring pages and character masks you can download and print out from DC Entertainment.  Just CLICK HERE to get the 2017 Batman Day Activity Kit for yourself.

SPECIAL DEALS has exclusive Harley Quinn sticker/t-shirt bundles available from Popfunk.

They also have some cool Batman sticker/t-shirt bundles available exclusively on from Popfunk.

In honor of Harley Quinn Day, Build-A-Bear is debuting today a plush animal based upon the character.  You can also get a Joker version to go along with your Clown Bear of Crime.

Experience the world of Batman playing the DC LEGENDS video game on your mobile device. Get exclusive Harley Quinn content today when you play the game!  DC LEGENDS  is available through Apple App Store and Android GooglePlay.


In celebration of fan favorite villainous Harley Quinn's 25th birthday, DC Entertainment is basing their annual BATMAN DAY event on Saturday, September 23, 2017 around the Clown Princess of Crime.  Harley was introduced to the DC Universe in 1992 when the character debuted on Batman: The Animated Series.  Most recently, she played an important role in the movie Suicide Squad.  Over the last twenty-five years, Harley Quinn has also been featured in comic books, clothing, toys, and video games making her one of DC Entertainment's most popular characters.

Hot Toys is releasing some incredible Harley Quinn collectible sixth scale action figures based upon  Margot Robbie’s appearance in Suicide Squad.  Harley Quinn Day marks a nice opportunity to consider placing an order for one.  There are three varieties of these toys featuring the character's main movie costume along with versions in an orange prison jumpsuit and a dancer dress.

Hot Toys produces action figures like these in limited production runs with overall quantities based upon the preorders they receive from distributors like Sideshow Collectibles.  They fulfill the preorders received and produce a slightly higher number in which the excess are made available for retail sales.  Sometime the toys that are available through retail can sell out very quickly.  Preordering assures you of being able to get your hands on a Hot Toys products you absolutely want and not have to worry about it being sold out.

DC Comics Harley Quinn Dancer Dress Version DC Comics Sixth Scale Figure recreates the scene from Suicide Squad where the Joker introduces her as the Queen of Gotham City at a night club while she is pole dancing for the crowd.  This sixth scale figure features a hand painted head sculpted into an impressive likeness of Margot Robbie, a finely tailored fabric dancer dress, numerous pieces of jewelry, a metal chain, a dancing pole and a specially designed Suicide Squad themed figure stand with character backdrop.  The action figure has movie accurate facial expressions with detailed makeup, skin texture and tattoos.  It has over 30 points of articulation for posing and is approximately 29 cm tall with her high heals on.

DC Comics Harley Quinn Prisoner Version DC Comics Sixth Scale Figure portrays the character as she is in the lockup during the film wearing her prison jumpsuit.  This action figure has a newly developed specialized body with enhanced leg articulation to assist with mimicking Harley's sitting poses in these scenes from the movie.  It also features a finely tailored prison costume, a variety of accessories representing items she enjoyed as a "privileged" inmate, and a specially designed figure stand with character backdrop and a removable prison cell mattress.  The action figure is approximately 28.5 cm tall.

DC Comics Harley Quinn DC Comics Sixth Scale Figure represents Harley Quinn as she is primarily seen throughout the movie Suicide Squad.  This figure focuses on a moment in the film when Harley's laughing with a head sculpt capturing a Jokeresque expression.  It features a number of accessories including a baseball bat and pistol along with a very detailed replication of her outfit from the movie.  Harley also has a high level articulation as Hot Toys are known for just like the other two action figures.  The toy stands approximately 29 cm tall when wearing her high heals and comes with a Suicide Squad themed display stand.

Whether you are looking for a unique decoration for a home or office or want to spoil a child with the most incredibly detailed action figures they could possibly get, these Harley Quinn toys are sure to delight any fan of DC Entertainment's universe of super heroes and villains.  Don't miss out on getting one of these Harley Quinn action figures by Hot Toys from Sideshow Collectibles.

Thursday, September 21, 2017


Moose Toys' BOOM BLAST STIX makes a nice addition to a family's game night activities.  Players compete to avoid being the person who causes the pile of game pieces called STIX they are stacking to explode into the air.  It isn't about winning this game but rather avoiding being the loser in this explosive game that requires a gentle touch and nerves of steel.

Each player is provided an equal number of stix which each must be locked into the form of a triangle. One at a time players add one of their stixs to the pile. Round and round the turns go as the stix begin to stack up on the playing surface which also doubles as the game's storage container.  Now is the time for good natured taunting about who will make the stixs go BOOM!  Teasing one another about who is going to screw up first is a key part of having fun with this game.

Be careful because nudging a stix in the wrong place or putting too much pressure on one is likely to cause it to pop open.  And if one pops open you're likely to have a chain reaction causing a BOOM of STIX blasting up into the air. Oh no!!!

Whoever causes the chain reaction loses the game.  Then it is time to pick up the stix and play all over again. With only three rules it is easy to play!

  1. LOCK your STIX;
  2. STACK your STIX
  3. But don't BOOM BLAST your STIX!

The games my family have played together tend to last five to ten minutes which is long enough to be entertaining but short enough to keep kids enthusiastic and attentive while playing.  Being easy to set up plus quick to play makes BOOM BLAST STIX especially nice for family game nights.  All the stix blasting up into the air has a wow factor that will energize people about wanting to play.  BOOM BLAST STIX from Moose Toys is a fun, affordable game that young and old alike will enjoy playing together.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Godzilla has been rampaging through September on COMET TV!  The television network that broadcasts classic science fiction and horror movies has been showing Godzilla movies throughout the month.  If you've missed out on seeing some of these shows don't despair because there is still time to catch two great Godzilla movies on COMET TV -->  FINAL WARS + GODZILLA 2000.


This film takes audiences to the 28th century where Earth has been ravaged by giant monsters allowing an alien race called Xiliens the opportunity to claim the planet as their own.  COMET TV will be airing FINAL WARS on Sunday, September 24, 2017 at 1 am ET/PT and Saturday, September 30 at 5pm ET/PT.

GODZILLA 2000 (1999)

When a UFO is awoken from a million year slumber deep in the Earth's crust, it employs a series of sneaky tactics to give the King of Monsters an extraterrestrial beat-down.  GODZILLA 2000 will be broadcast on Saturday, September 23 at 4 pm ET/PT and Friday, September 30 at 5 pm ET/PT.

In addition to being able to bring Godzilla home by watching COMET TV for free via over air broadcast or online streaming, A GEEK DADDY also has a limited edition Godzilla action figure to giveaway to one lucky winner.  For a chance to win, just retweet the contest tweet below before Monday, September 25 at 11:59 pm ET.  A winner will be randomly selected from all eligible entries.  Must be a US resident over 18 years old to participate in the giveaway.

COMET TV is an overair broadcast network that can be tuned in with a digital antenna.  You can watch COMET TV in the Metro Detroit area of Michigan via digital antenna on Channel 19-7.  CLICK HERE to see if COMET TV is broadcasting in your area.  If not, COMET TV can also be viewed for free by utilizing its app on Apple TV and Roku or watching its live website stream at

Disclaimer & Rules:  A Geek Daddy has not been financially compensated for this endorsement or hosting the giveaway but was provided the same items being provided as a prize for personal use. The prize is provided by COMET TV and A Geek Daddy is hosting the promotion as a benefit to our readers. Must be a US resident over the age of 18 to participate.  One entry per mailing address and winner will be randomly selected from all eligible entries.  If you have already won this prize through another blog participating in this promotion, your entry will be disqualified.  By participating in this promotion you waive any liability of any kind against the publisher of this blog. Winner is subject to eligibility verification. No P.O. Boxes allowed for delivery of the prize. COMET TV will be responsible for shipping the prize to the selected winner.  A Geek Daddy is not responsible for delivery of the prize.

Sunday, September 17, 2017


One of my family's favorite ways to have a good time is enjoying ourselves in the water.  We all love to have fun at beaches, pools and water parks.  With that in mind, my kids have been taking swimming lessons at Goldfish Swim School for the last year to help them be safe and have the athletic proficiency to make the most out of those activities taking place in and around the water.

While playing in the water can be really fun, a lapse in judgment or unexpected circumstances can quickly lead to a treacherous scenario.  Even for experienced adult swimmers suffering from a cramp while swimming, being caught in a rip current that can't easily be escaped or misjudging water conditions or depth are hazards that happen quite regularly.  So for kids it is even more important to be prepared when it comes to water safety and swimming skills so they are ready to handle themselves when unexpected hazards arise.  For us one of those dangerous situations arose during a family vacation and it turns out Goldfish Swim School lessons really did save the day.

My kids are drawn to water park lazy rivers.  They don't like to make their way around these canals by being pushed along in a slow moving current while lying in a giant inner tube though.  The twins need to run and swim around the course instead.  In fact, if you look around most lazy rivers you'll probably see quite a few kids swimming and walking around the course instead of relaxing by floating on a raft.

During a visit to Universal Orlando Resort's Volcano Bay water park, the first thing my son wanted to do was go on a lazy river.  While my daughter and I were in line for an aqua coaster, my wife and son made there way into what they thought was a lazy river.  What they didn't realize was that this wasn't a normal lazy river but rather a more intense version called TeAwa The Fearless River.  At first glance it  seemed fairly peaceful but it quickly turned into a white water rapids style ride with fast currents and choppy waves.  My son misjudging the situation jumped off his tube like he normally does and was caught off guard as the water conditions quickly began to intensify.  He was in trouble!

The current and waves were dragging him under and it was too deep in places for him to stand and get his balance.  Waves had pushed my wife in her inner tube several yards in front of my son and as it became apparent he was struggling in the water she tried to get back to him.  The current was too swift and powerful for her to make it back to him.  The situation was quickly becoming very precarious for my son's safety.

The boy never panicked though and put his Goldfish Swim School lessons to use!  He utilized a variety of the things taught during his classes to get himself out of this pickle he found himself in.  He used the side breathing they utilize during laps in the pool to get breathes of air whenever he could emerge from the water.  Combining the strokes he has learned with the treading water water safety skills Goldfish Swim School has their students practice kept him from being sucked under by the current.  Following the instructions he had been provided of reviewing your surroundings and calling for help, he was able to get a lifeguard's attention who jumped in with a float to assist him.

Those Goldfish Swim School lessons kept him from panicking and provided enough training to help him get out of danger even when the water conditions were too intense for his overall swimming abilities.  He was embarrassed by what happened but otherwise unscathed and ready to jump right back into the water.  Goldfish Swim School saved the day!

We found out later in the day that Volcano Bay actually has a regular lazy river called Kopiko Wai Winding River which was much more my kids speed.  Both my son and daughter spent a good amount of the rest of our time at the water park enjoying this winding river.  I noticed though that neither of them jumped off their rafts again though.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), ten people on average die everyday within the United States from drowning.  It is the 5th leading cause of unintentional injury death in the USA.  A person can black out from water inhalation in 90 seconds or less with serious brain damage or death occurring within four minutes of a drowning incident.  Kids having swimming lessons can really make a big difference in helping them avoid becoming a CDC statistic as my family's own story has demonstrated.

Make sure your time spent in the water is all smiles.  Enroll your child in Goldfish swimming lessons! Goldfish Swim Schools originated in Metro Detroit 10 years ago and have since expanded across Michigan and into 14 other states (Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Oklahoma & Texas). They have programs from children as young as infants and as old as 12.  For more information, please visit

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Five Better Breakfast Tips

As kids are getting back into the groove of the school year, September has been targeted as NATIONAL BETTER BREAKFAST MONTH to encourage parents make sure they are providing their children with a nutritious start to the day before sending them off to class.   Barbara's, known for its healthy cereals and snacks, recently conducted a survey on families' back to school breakfast habits and found that one in five children go without breakfast at least once per week during the school year.   Of the 1,000 households polled by SurveyMonkey with school aged children, 38% of the parents that reported their kids skipping breakfast due to hectic mornings and lack of time.  50% of those who had a history of skipping breakfast also typically eat on the go or in the car.

Barbara's partnered with Frances Largeman Roth, RDN, a nutrition expert and mom of three to provide Five Better Breakfast Tips to help busy parents get breakfast on the table and children eating it:

Breakfast Time over Screen Time – Mornings are hectic, especially at the beginning of the school year, before everyone has settled into their schedules. Make it clear to your kids that breakfast time needs to come before they turn on the TV or play with their phone.

Better Breakfasts – Barbara’s Breakfast Survey revealed that juice and cereal are the most common breakfast foods on school days: 71% of children drink fruit juice and 95% of children eat cereal. Clearly, kids love juice and cereal but you can still help them make better choices. For example, 100% fruit juice rather than “drinks” or “blends” and lower sugar cereals like Barbara’s Puffins, which are also packed with whole grains.

Add Color! – Studies show that kids like food that’s colorful, so take the opportunity to fit in an extra serving of antioxidant and vitamin C-rich fruit--and tempt their taste buds--by offering brightly colored berries, diced apple and melon, or sliced grapes and kiwi fruit on the breakfast table.

Streamline Set Up – Having a sit-down breakfast is much more doable if you do a little prep in advance. Set up the breakfast table the night before: Clear clutter, and set out bowls, spoons, and napkins. Then all you need to do in the morning is serve the food!

Always Have Backup! – There are some days when you just have to grab and go! Being prepared with a healthy back up option is smart. I like to make extra whole grain pancakes on the weekend and freeze them for a rainy day.