Sunday, March 18, 2018

Magnolia March AudioFest

This is a sponsored post. A Geek Daddy has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

It is time for spring cleaning!  Going through the house sprucing things up also provides a nice opportunity to consider making some upgrades to your family's entertainment spaces like living rooms, home theaters, man caves, home offices and outdoor decks.  Stop by a Magnolia Design Center at Best Buy for some inspiration on how to have stand out audio and video tech featured throughout your home.

March is a great month to stop by Best Buy because it is Magnolia's AudioFest.  Enjoy special savings on hi-res audio products, headphones, receivers, speakers, wireless audio gear and much more.  While Magnolia has a great reputation for helping its customers create incredible home theaters with impressive television setups, audio is the heart and soul of the brand.  Because even though they offer plenty of video gear at Magnolia Design Centers it is the audio equipment that really elevates people's entertainment experience up a notch.  Instead of just watching, just listening, just playing, the right audio experience can enhance your enjoyment of movies, music and video game like never before by immersing you in the sound.

Magnolia March AudioFest is providing the opportunity for you to enjoy extraordinary audio in your home through incredible prices all month long on its premium selection of audio gear from the world's most sought-after brands.  Check out some great deals online as well as some amazing offers only available by visiting the Magnolia Design Center within a Best Buy store.

I've been wanting to set up a wireless surround sound environment in our family room for enjoying music and movies.  What is an audio upgrade you've been wanting to make at your house?  Spring into action and get it done while you can take advantage of Magnolia March AudioFest.

Head over to a Magnolia Design Center at Best Buy to experience premium audio at amazing prices.  Start hearing things in a whole new way!  Click here to find a Best Buy location with a Magnolia Design Center near you.

Saturday, March 17, 2018


It just seemed fitting to have a family movie night watching Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 on the first day we brought Baby Groot home.  After all he is the star of the show! Marvel Groot Marvel Life-Size Figure is a replica from Hot Toys scaled to the size the movie's director pictures the character would be in real life. 

The Hong Kong-based toy manufacturer has earned a reputation for making collectible action figures that are amazing reproductions of what sci-fi and superhero characters look like on the silver screen. They've have done another fantastic job with the Baby Groot they've created. If you want to bring your own Baby Groot home, click on one of the links on this post to make a purchase from Hot Toys' North American & European distributor, Sideshow Collectibles, and A Geek Daddy will receive a commission at no additional charge to you.

This Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Groot life-size collectible figure is approximately 26 cm tall and includes 3 interchangeable faces. When you look at Hot Toys' Marvel Groot Marvel Life-Size Figure  you just get the feeling it is going to turn its head to look at you and say "I am Groot."  Baby Groot's movie authentic appearance includes highly detailed facial expressions and a tree-like body texture.

Baby Groot also comes with a removable miniature Ravagers outfit and a Guardian of the Galaxy themed display stand.  The collectible figure also comes with two pairs of interchangeable hands.  The extending attack hands are embedded with wires so you can slightly pose the long branch like figures if you like.

Speaking of posing, the figure also has 15 points of articulation making it great for recreating your favorite Baby Groot scenes from the movie or just having fun playing around with the toy.  Watch out for your popcorn when you are around this guy!  Whether you are looking to give a child a gift they'll never forget or want to decorate a bedroom, office, home theater, game room or man cave, Baby Groot won't disappoint.

Marvel Groot Marvel Life-Size Figure like other Hot Toys productions is a limited edition collectible so once they're sold out you are out of luck getting your hands on one.  Don't miss out!  Head over to Sideshow Collectibles and add a Baby Groot to your family.

Friday, March 16, 2018


Fans of Marvel comic books and movies won't want to miss out on a GROUPON deal that is launching off the release of some great new Avengers: Infinity War super sized plush characters from DGL Toys.  These toys can be easily blown up to 30" tall with an included pump yet have a nice plush feel to them making them comfy to hold.  Plus flat weighted feet make them able to stand if you don't want to hold onto them.

DGL Toys' 30" Marvel Avengers Inflatable Plush Characters are available for Black Panther, Groot, Hulk, Iron Man, and Spider-Man.  Get 20% off by purchasing them from GROUPON for a limited time!

Suitable for ages 3+ these unique plush toys are sure to delight kids as well as adults who adore Marvel superheroes.  True believers are sure to exclaim "Excelsior!" when they get their hands on one of these giant Marvel Avengers plush characters.  Looking over the GROUPON deal my son proclaimed Spider-Man was his favorite and my daughter let out an excited squeal over the Groot plush.  Which one is your favorite?  I have to say mine is Iron Man!

Just pull the toy out of its box and spend a few minutes watching it grow as you enlarge the inflatable bladder within it using the included hand pump.  Then have a blast reenacting some of your favorite Marvel Avengers adventures.  When playtime is over deflate the toy for easy storage until it is ready to be played with again.

Don't miss out on this GROUPON deal for 30" Marvel Avengers Inflatable Plush Characters from DGL Toys.  These are brand new toys coming out just in time for the release of Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War movie.  Be one of the first people to get your hands on these super toys!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Organic Nearly Naked Popcorn

The annual NCAA Men's Division 1 Basketball Championship Tournament in March is always one of my favorite sporting events of the year.  I always block out my schedule so that I can watch as many of the opening round games as possible.  Grab some snacks, plop on the couch and be absorbed by some intense basketball matches for four days straight.  That's the life!

Unfortunately, while these games are always great for boasting my spirit out of the Winter doldrums this time in March is always maddening for my waistline.  While enjoying watching basketball on TV, I also tend to overindulge in snacks that aren't very healthy for me to eat.  Not this year though as I'm snacking on Popcornopolis' Organic Nearly Naked Popcorn that is now available at Costco stores while enjoying the big basketball tournament.

Organic Nearly Naked Popcorn has everything you want in a healthy snack and nothing you don't.  Only 33 calories per a cup sized serving it has all natural ingredients and is USDA certified organic.  It is also certified gluten free and Kosher by Orthodox Union.  This popcorn naturally has no cholesterol and is lightly salted to be low in sodium which also contribute to it being a great treat to enjoy while watching college hoops or staying in for a family movie night.

You can pick up a huge bag of this organic gourmet salted popcorn from your local Costco for $5.39 or order a case of 5 bags online from Popcornopolis which will be delivered directly to your front door.  I found Popcornopolis' Organic Nearly Naked Popcorn to be very tasty and it is nice to feel guilt-free when opening a bag of something to snack on.  Try out Organic Nearly Naked Popcorn and if you like it stock up when Costco will be having a special promo price of $3.49 per 14oz bag from April 19 - May 13, 2018.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

ZURU Smashers Twitter Party

Tying in to all the basketball madness going on this weekend, A Geek Daddy is co-hosting the Friday, March 16th Toy Insider Twitter Party sponsored by ZURU Smashers.  What a fitting theme for this week's party because the toy we'll be showing off has kids break open a ball to discover an athletic themed mini-figure. Plus we'll be giving away some Smashers basketball tins!  My son and daughter have been having a smashing good time playing with these toys from ZURU.

Join in on the Smashers Madness by following A Geek Daddy's Twitter account @Geekdad248 along with @TheToyInsider and @ZURUToys while using the #SmashersMadness hashtag to reply to questions and join in the conversation.  It will be a fun hour from 11am - Noon E.T. filled with trivia, giveaways and witty banter.  You need to complete the Toy Insider RSVP form to be considered for prizes and eligible to win so head over to their website and get that done now! Open to U.S. residents only.

Four lucky winners will each win a Smashers 8-pack along with a collectible basketball tin which can hold up to 50 Smashers!  Plus one lucky Grand Prize winner will receive an 8-pack of collectible Smashers mini-figures, a collectible basketball tin, smash bus playset, PLUS an entire piƱata full of Smasher fun!

Smash the ball and collect them all! ZURU Smashers add a new element to the blind bag collectible toy category with its smash the ball aspect to discover what is inside.  There is one out of 100 possible wacky sports characters to find when you smash open these little red balls.  Some are harder to find than others as there are special editions and exclusive Super Rares to look for while collecting Smashers.  Kids can keep track of all the toys that are available to find by looking at the free collectors guide included inside every Smashers pack or by downloading the Smashers app.  Check out this Toy Insider review for more info about Smashers.

Hope to see you at the party! Give @Geekdad248 a shout out if you join in the fun!

Monday, March 12, 2018

A New Addition To The Family

It was an exciting weekend as we added a new addition to the family.  We bought a 2-week old Boxer puppy.  It will still be awhile until we bring her home though.  The puppy will be staying with her mom until she is 8 weeks old before coming to live with us as part of our family.

There are a few reasons we chose a Boxer for our family's first dog.  First they have a reputation for being very loyal and loving as well as great with kids.  They're also short-haired dogs that don't require a lot of grooming making them ideal as a house pet.  The dogs are also very playful, patient and protective in nature.

While not overly aggressive as a breed, Boxers are very protective of their homes and the families they live with making them great watch dogs.  Male boxers can grow on average to be 65 to 85 pounds so we picked out a girl who should probably end up being somewhere between 40 and 50 pounds.  Small enough to be manageable by my kids but yet big enough to be intimidating to a home intruder.

Here are some facts about Boxers from the American Kennel Club:

  • Boxers are descendants of the Bullenbeisser, massive big-game hunters bred by German nobles during medieval times to run down and catch bear, bison and boars on vast estates.
  • Changes in the times and needs of these dogs led to the Bullenbeisser being bred down to what is now known as the modern-day Boxer in the 1800s.
  • Since a Boxer named Bang Away won the Westminster Dog Show in the 1950's, Boxers have continually reigned as one of America's top ten dog breeds.
  • They are highly intelligent and excellent problem solvers.
  • Boxers excel in a wide range of canine sports including obedience, agility, and herding.  They also perform brilliantly as service, assistance and therapy dogs.
  • A boxer tends to be a very clean dog and its short, shiny coat needs very little grooming
Our new Boxer puppy is supposed to be for the kids but my wife has warned them there is a good chance it will become daddy's dog.  That probably is a good possibility!

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Biz Stain Fighter

Life is messy! You don't realize just how messy it can be until becoming a parent responsible for cleaning up the astronomical number of messes kids can make.  Bloody nose sprayed pillow cases, grass stained jeans, muddy soccer uniforms, spaghetti accidents and red Slurpee spills ... oh the horror! Thank goodness for BIZ!

Biz Stain Fighter is specially formulated to tackle tough stains.  Different stains require different elements to eliminate them:  detergents, whitening ingredients, peroxides and enzymes.  Biz incorporates all of these stain fighters into its ingredients.  Plus because Biz Stain Fighter is the only brand with Enzamix, a unique blend of enzymes designed to quickly dissolve bacteria causing stains and odors from grass, sweat, blood and more, it has an edge in fighting stains.  That combined with Biz incorporating all four key elements to treating stains together in one mixture is why Biz works better than other brands.

We put Biz to the test when my daughter dripped spaghetti sauce down the front of her shirt.  Poured some Biz Stain Fighter into the washing machine plus rubbed some of it directly onto the stain before throwing it in.  Abracadabra!  After washing and drying it, the shirt came out stain free.

Biz is currently available as a powder, liquid, and liquid booster.  Add these along with your normal detergent to every load of wash to boost your cleaning power and eliminate tough stains.  The liquid is also great for pre-treating stains before throwing them into the washing machine.  Coming soon is BIZ-ON-THE-GO a portable stain eliminator pen to help combat messes as they happen while you are out and about.

A Geek Daddy will be a Biz Stain Fighter brand ambassador receiving complimentary product and posting sponsored posts throughout 2018.  Stay tuned throughout the year for tips and stories about overcoming tough to get out stains from my kids messes using BIZ.  For more information about how to use and where to buy it, head over to