Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Enjoy Star Wars all summer long with SwimWays pool toys

**A Geek Daddy received the featured products for free**

We received a great May the Fourth treat from the nice folks at SwimWays who sent us some samples of their pool toys to help celebrate Star Wars Day.  Unfortunately, May in Michigan is still a bit too cold for swimming but SwimWays gesture still helped make our May the Fourth a "water-full" day!  My kids can't wait for summer weather to arrive so we can go swimming and enjoy these wonderful Star Wars themed pool toys and floats that this leisure and recreational water products manufacturer sent our family to try out.

A Geek Daddy's box of goodies from SwimWays included noodle lightsabers, dive ships, pool floats and a light up Death Star beach ball:

Blast through the pool just like Millennium Falcon co-pilots Han Solo and Chewbacca on the Star Wars Millennium Falcon Ride-On. This durable vinyl ride-on features 2 heavy-duty grab handles.  Inflatable float is over 5 feet long! Actual inflated dimensions are 61 in. X 46 in. X 13 in. 

Star Wars Dive Ships from SwimWays are a collection of 3-D molded dive sticks featuring popular ships from the Star Wars movies! Great water toys for swim practice to encourage new swimmers or to play with out of the pool on a rainy day. This set of dive toys comes in the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Episode 7) packaging, making it a great gift for the Star Wars collector, too! Three ships in every pack, one each of Tie Fighter, Millennium Falcon and X-Wing Fighter.

The Star Wars Spring Float Kid's Boat from SwimWays is a float designed for the way kids really like to play! This durable pool float for kids has fabric-covered inflation, Star Wars graphics kids love on the comfortable mesh seat, and side handles that are easy to grip. They can ride the float on their belly, sit up in the float, or lay back and relax. The patented inner spring sewn into the outer edge of the float adds comfort and stability in the water, and makes folding and unfolding the float a snap. Folds flat and compact into the included carry tote, making this a great choice for travel, too! One float per pack.  

There's no escape from the Galactic Empire when the Star Wars Death Star Light-Up Beach Ball from SwimWays invades your pool! This inflatable beach ball looks like the infamous spacecraft from the Star Wars films. Impact-activated LED lights inside create a cool nighttime effect and show off the details of the Death Star graphics. Grab a few for your next Star Wars themed party - your guests will love it! Also makes a fun gift for the Star Wars collector. Includes (non-replaceable) button cell batteries. Sold individually. 

Wage an epic battle between good and evil with the SwimWays Star Wars Noodle Lightsaber! These pool noodle toys have lightsaber grips at the bottom and a foam noodle on top, so you can display your fighting skills in the water or on dry land. Choose from blue (Luke Skywalker), green (Yoda) or red (Darth Vader). Sold individually. 

CLICK HERE to check out all the Star Wars products available from SwimWays and for more information regarding pricing and availability of these really fun pool toys and floats. 

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016


This is a sponsored post on behalf of Life of Dad and Sears.  I have received compensation for this post; however all opinions stated are my own.

I've had a busy, hectic schedule the last few weeks with professional obligations and parenting responsibilities having me rushing all over the place and I hate to admit it but Mothers Day completely slipped my mind.  Suddenly the holiday was a few days away and I didn't have a special something to give to my lovely wife for the occasion.  My days have been filled running around taking my children to school, attending business meetings, dealing with unexpected client crises, coaching youth soccer, and handling the myriad of other tasks that your kids and work throw your way leaving me with almost no time to get away for some Mothers Day present shopping.  Fortunately, Sears bailed me out when I discovered their in-vehicle pickup service.

Through my Sears' Shop Your Way membership, I was very easily able to find something online from the retailer that my wife has been mentioning for awhile she'd like to get which was in-stock at a local store.  Using the Sears app, it's in-vehicle pickup option allowed me to quickly swing by the store and have someone come out to my car as I arrived to load it for me without any sort of shipping charge or service fee.  As my daughter would say, it was "easy peasy lemon squeezy" to use the Sears in-vehicle pickup service.  Based upon my experience, I will absolutely be using it again.

To take advantage of this convenient service, head to and log into the website with a Shop Your Way membership account.  When making online purchases utilize the function on the Sears website which allows you to check product availability at local retail locations  and select the in-store pickup option for available merchandise.  You'll receive an email when your order is ready to be picked up.  Print out the email to take with you and head to the store.  When you arrive look for the reserved Sears in-vehicle pickup designated parking spot to pull your car up to.

Once you've pulled into the reserved parking spot for the Sears in-vehicle pickup, activate the Sears app that is available for Apple and Android phones. Select the in-vehicle pickup feature.  Note you need to have the Sears app connected to a Shop Your Way membership account for this feature to work.  The app will then show the product(s) you've purchased that are available to pickup.

Clicking on "continue" will activate a timer.  Sears promises that an associate will bring your order out to you within five minutes.

For my experience, it took exactly one minute and sixteen seconds for an associate to arrive at my car window to assist me.  The friendly gentleman who brought out my package had me look at it to make sure it was the right item that I had ordered then scanned the bar code on my email to finalize the delivery.

Noting it was a rather large box, the Sears associate offered to load it in my back seat for me.  So I was able to accept the delivery and have the item loaded into my vehicle without ever having to leave the drivers seat of my car.  Very nice!

Once your email has been scanned the timer on the app will stop and a survey which lets consumers rate their experience pops up.  I took a moment to rate my experience and left the Sears parking lot having been there for less than five minutes.

Yes, I'll admit that my selection for a Mothers Day present isn't sexy or glamorous but a high end KitchenAid blender is what my wife's been hinting she'd like to get for awhile now.  A happy wife is a happy life so I made sure she's getting something her Master Chef Mom persona will enjoy and make use of for this Mothers Day gift.  Sears has lots of incredible gift selections for all the different type of mom personalities out there.  Whether it is apparel or footwear for the Fashionable Mom, camping gear or gardening equipment for the Outdoor Mom, digital cameras or luggage for the Traveling Mom, or  smart technology for the Techie Mom, Sears has many great items available that can make Mothers Day shopping easy.


Find a great gift for your wife or mom at  As a bonus, shoppers that use Sears In-Vehicle Pickup for their online purchases between Tuesday, May 3 and Saturday, May 7, 2016 are automatically entered for a chance to win a $5,000 Sears gift card.  Alternatively, you can also click on and enter the Shop Your Way All For Mom Sweepstakes at

Between placing my order online, driving to the local Sears store, and having it delivered to my car it literally took less than 15 minutes for me to get my Mothers Day shopping accomplished and I didn't have to worry about whether something would get shipped to me and arrive on time.  Not having to worry about taking the kids along, unpacking them from the car, and drag them through stores with me shopping since I could avoid that using this service was very much appreciated.  Being able to pull into a designated parking spot and have a Sears associate deliver to your vehicle your online purchase in five minutes or less at no additional cost is a really great service.  Based upon my own personal exceptional experience, Sears in-vehicle pickup service gets A Geek Daddy nod of approval.

For more information about Sears In-Vehicle Pickup Service please CLICK HERE.

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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Never get lost in a parking lot again with the ZUS Smart USB Charger & Car Finder

 ** A Geek Daddy received the featured product for free to review **

Don't you hate it when you return to a parking lot where you've left your car and can't remember exactly where it is?  It happened to me just the other day.  I'd spent all day in a courthouse and when getting ready to head home for the day where my car was parked completely slipped my mind.  Fortunately, I'd charged my phone on the drive there that morning with the ZUS Smart USB Charger & Car Finder so it just took me a quick few seconds to find my vehicle versus spending a lot of time walking around the parking lot looking for it.

My professional career and parenting responsibilities always have me on the go and while I'm running around my iPhone is always close at hand helping keep me connected and organized throughout the day.  So being able to charge my phone as I'm driving from here to there is very important to me.  With that in mind, I appreciate how the ZUS USB Charger easily plugs into my car electrical port and can charge two devices at once lightening fast. ZUS is able to do this because its equipped with advanced smart device detection technology.  This technology is able to detect what device you've plugged into it so that it can deliver the  maximum amp output accepted by that particular device allowing it to be charged at its fastest speed.  By identifying devices and being able to charge them at their maximum amp output, the ZUS Smart Charger is able to recharge devices faster than normal car chargers and it can do this with two items at once since it is equipped with multiple USB plug ins.

The feature I really like about this product though is its Car Finder service.  Download a free app for your phone and sync it to your ZUS.  When you've reached a destination and turned off your car open up the app to record your location.  Leave the app running in the background while you are away from your vehicle.  When it is time to return to your car access the app and you can utilize a compass that identifies the distance and direction you need to travel to reach your vehicle. This is really handy when you know the general vicinity your car may be but not specifically where it is at.  Because the compass feature works through a bluetooth connection with the ZUS, you also don't have to worry about the app not working if your phone can't get a signal or doesn't have wi-fi access.

If you don't remember the parking lot or maybe even the street or block that you may have parked on the compass feature probably isn't going to do much to help you out.  Fortunately, the ZUS also has a handy map application to lead you back to your vehicle.  This map show both where you are at and where your car is located simultaneous. This option though does require a data signal or wi-fi coverage in order for your phone to generate a map.

These are some screen shots of my actually walking back to my car while using the ZUS app.  The app shows the direction I am walking in and highlights the location of my car within a street map of the area.

As I am approaching the vehicle the app notes the distance from the vehicle until it eventually states "your car is nearby" when you get within a few feet of it.  A big truck has parked next to me obstructing the view of my car so I very easily could have walked right past it without using this app.

One thing you need to remember though is the app needs to stay open once you've arrived at your destination and recorded the location.  It can be minimized and running in the background but if you close the app your car's location is deleted.  You'll find yourself with a message informing you that you need to sync the app with the ZUS located within your car but it won't let you do that remotely.  So just remember if you close that app after you've left your car you'll be out of luck trying to use it to find the vehicle later.  Once you get the hang of using this service though remembering to keep the app open really isn't that big of a deal.

In addition to being useful, the ZUS Smart USB Charger & Car Finder is also very durably built. ZUS is the only car charger to meet US Military MIL-STD-810G High Temperature Standard. It is crafted from the highest grade German Bayer PC/ABS with all metal parts coated in Titanium in order to work in temperatures up to 100°C/212°F.  The ZUS was also designed with a special cooling system that results in 35% less heat because that expands the device's lifespan.  I had never really particularly though about a USB Charger being high-tech but the ZUS certainly fits that description perfectly.

You can pick up your very own ZUS Smart USB Charger & Car Finder at To find out more about the ZUS Smart USB Charger & Car Finder please CLICK HERE.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Buy a t-shirt that matches your favorite weekly comic book covers from Marvel at

One of my favorite aspects of collecting comic books is all of the incredible artwork that publishers commission for the covers of their issues.  You'll often find spectacular cover art for comic book covers that is worthy of framing and displaying.  That is one element of print editions that just doesn't translate over as well to digital versions of comic books.

To keep customers repeatedly visiting comic book shops on a regular basis, publishers spread the release of their titles' new issues throughout the month.  So every Wednesday is always a "new comic book day"  with a variety of comic book selections debuting each week.  I always enjoy making a stop by my local comic book shop on Wednesdays to peruse the shelves for some new stories to read and to delight in all the great illustrations that decorate the covers of that week's featured publications. So I was very enthused to learn about a new partnership between and Marvel that will let people wear the art from their favorite new comic book covers on their chest.

Each week We Love Fine will release for sale on Wednesday limited edition t-shirts featuring the cover artwork from the Marvel super hero comic books that arrived on store shelves that day.  Like the artwork on the newest issue of the Amazing Spider-Man?  You can now get a t-shirt displaying it from  Don't wait to order though as these shirts will only be available for a few days then replaced with new selections the next Wednesday corresponding with Marvel's most recent comic book releases that week.

These t-shirts cost just $15, plus shipping and handling, and are available in mens basic crew tee or womens basic fitted tee in adult sizes Small to 2XL.  The shirts are 100% cotton and black in color to frame the artwork displayed on its front.  The exclusive We Love Fine / Marvel shirts are only available in black and though I'm not a fan of white or black t-shirts I can understand how this coloring really does a nice job of highlight the artwork which is the primary reason people would buy the product plus is probably a financial necessity to ensure the profitability of a limited run printing while keeping the price as affordable as they have.  Hopefully if this program is successful they may add some other color options in the future for the t-shirts that are complimentary to the particular artwork you've selected but for now black t-shirts aren't much to gripe over.

If you like to wear clothes that have a sense of fun to them, are a bit unique and you most likely won't encounter someone else wearing at the same time you are  sporting them these limited run t-shirts are a great option to accomplish that.  They are also a great way to personalize your wardrobe a bit by adding artwork featuring your favorite comic book characters that really appeals to you.  If you enjoy comic book artwork and super hero characters you'll want to regularly check out  to see what Marvel Covers t-shirts they are printing up each week.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Miraculous Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir

If you are looking for a super hero themed story that isn't dominated by male characters than Miraculous Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir may be a show you want to check out.  The adventures of teenage girl Marinette as the hero known as "Ladybug" provide for super fun in this animated TV series that has been wildly successful on Nickelodeon and is now being released on DVD beginning May 3, 2016 by Shout! Kids.  Both my seven year old daughter and son really enjoy watching the Paris-based adventures of Ladybug and Cat Noir so A Geek Daddy is sharing my kids enjoyment of the show with a C'est Magnifique giveaway courtesy of Shout! Kids. We're giving away a Miraculous Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir DVD.

To be eligible for this giveaway you must follow @Geekdad248 on Twitter and retweet our original contest tweet which is embedded above before May 6, 2016 @ 11:59 pm EST.  Must be a US  resident over the age of 18 to participate.  One entry per person and we'll randomly select someone from all eligible entries to receive a Miraculous Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir DVD featuring the first seven episodes broadcast on Nickelodeon.

Marinette and Adrien, two seemingly normal kids live what appears to be an ordinary teen life.  But when the evil Hawk Moth threatens their beloved city of Paris, they transform into the superheroes Ladybug and Cat Noir using super powers gained with the help of their magical friends.  Hawk Moth is using his evil energy to transform normal people into super villains, so our two heroes need to use all their skills to defeat him.

Becoming Ladybug is a complicated process for Marinette.  First, she needs a "Kwami" which is a tiny magical creature.  She also needs a "Miraculous" which is a magical accessory.  Combining the two transforms Marinette into a super hero, but her Ladybug powers only work for a limited time!

It is a good think that she gets a little help from her super hero sidekick, Cat Noir, even though she insists she doesn't need his help.  If only she knew Cat Noir's true identity -- Adrien, her school crush.  It will take a lot -- friendship, teamwork, and skill -- to outwit Hawk Moth.  Will Ladybug & Cat Noir be able to balance their double lives and keep Paris safe?  Will they ever find out each other's true identity? Until then there is a whole city of baddies to defeat...SPOTS ON, CLAWS OUT!

The Miraculous Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir DVD includes the television episodes "The Bubbler," "Mr. Pigeon," "Stormy Weather," "Timebreaker," "Copycat," "The Pharoah," and "Lady Wifi."  It also contains bonus features including cast and crew interviews, episode animatics, and a sing-along. CLICK HERE for information on how you can purchase this Shout! Kids DVD.

Disclaimer & Rules / FTC Notice:  A Geek Daddy Blog will be responsible for selecting the winner of this contest, but Shout! Factory is responsible for fulfillment and delivery of the prize. By participating in this contest you waive any liability towards A Geek Daddy Blog or its publisher that may arise from your involvement with this promotion. A Geek Daddy Blog hosted this contest and blog post based upon Shout! Factory providing the prize to the selected winner. Only one entrant per mailing address per giveaway. Must be a US resident over 18 years old.  If you have won the same prize on another blog, you will not be eligible to win again. Winner is subject to eligibility verification. Prize will be delivered by UPS or FedEx so no P.O. Boxes are allowed as mailing addresses. A Geek Daddy Blog is hosting this giveaway as a benefit to our readers. Information for this post was provided by Shout! Factory. A Geek Daddy Blog did not receive any financial compensation for publishing this post but did receive one of the prizes for personal use.

DC Super Hero Girls

My daughter had some allowance money she'd saved up burning a hole in her pocket to be spent and asked if we could go to Target so she could pick out a new toy to play with.  She was really excited to discover in the toy aisle a new type of super hero action figures that cater specifically to the interests of young girls and began jumping up and down holding the toy box yelling out "Daddy can I buy it!"  My little girl hasn't been particularly interested in super heroes because of the rough and tumble nature of many of the characters that includes a big focus on fighting bad guys while she herself has a more gentle side.  On the other hand, my daughter finds the stylish appearance of  the Super Girl action figure we brought home appealing and appreciates how the character's description puts a focus on utilizing her special abilities to solve problematic situations rather than engaging in fist a cuffs battle royal with evil villains.

The Super Girl toy my daughter bought with her allowance money is part of a new effort by DC Comics, a division of Warner Brothers, to get girls aged 6 to 12 genuinely interested in super heroes.  Warner Brothers has created a multi-media / toy product lineup called DC Super Hero Girls featuring teenage versions of popular comic book characters hoping to build a young female fan base for the company's entertainment properties.  The premise of DC Super Hero Girls is that age appropriate for young audiences versions of popular male and female comic book characters such as Bat Girl, Beast Boy, Cheetah, Flash, Harley Quinn, and Wonder Woman interact in light-hearted high school themed adventures.  Warner Brothers has partnered with Mattel to create 6-inch action figures, like the one my daughter bought, as well as 12-inch action dolls depicting the DC Super Hero Girls that are currently available exclusively at Target.  The toy line will be rolled out to other major retailers beginning later in 2016.  Additionally, Warner Brothers has released a series of video shorts to tell the story of the DC Super Hero Girls that can be viewed for free at website or on their youtube channel.

In addition to the toys, DC Super Hero Girls will also have an app for mobile devices, a Random House middle-grade reading level novel series, a television show on Turner Broadcasting System's Boomerang cable network, and graphic novels from DC Comics telling stories featuring these young ladies during their formative high school years as they begin to discover their full super power potential.  At this point in their lives Harley Quinn isn't a villain but rather a mischievous class clown, Bat Girl is an A student technology whiz, Super Girl is the kind-hearted girl next door and Wonder Woman is the class president go-getter.

DC Comics will also be telling the Super Hero Girls story on Free Comic Book Day.  They'll be giving out a special free issue on May 7, 2015 during this annual event at participating comic book shops.  It will feature two stories from the upcoming graphic novel DC SUPER HERO GIRLS: FINAL CRISIS. In these stories it is the day before finals...and nothing is going right for the girls. These stories show how the DC Super Hero Girls find out that fun, friendship and hard work are all part of growing up!

DC Super Hero Girls encourage young ladies to get their capes on!  As a dad I like that DC Super Hero Girls promote that super heroes aren't just a genre for the boys to enjoy plus provides the message that girls don't have to choose between being strong or feminine as they can be both. So DC Super Hero Girls gets A Geek Daddy nod of approval.


Monday, April 25, 2016

The Super Duper Princess Heroes

** A Geek Daddy received the featured product for free **

The SUPER DUPER PRINCESS Heroes - How It All Started is a whimsical fairy tale by Sanjay Nambiar that is a perfect bedtime story for little girls who love dressing up as princesses and dreaming about having superhero adventures.  This book is filled with colorful illustrations and contains a story that promotes the concepts of responsibility, humility and teamwork. It also conveys to young girls that they can enjoy the princess aesthetic of wearing fancy gowns and glittering jewelry while also picturing themselves as the hero who saves the day rather than being the damsel in distress as ladies often tend to be portrayed in fairy tales and superhero adventures.

The story begins with Kinney, Oceana and Sammie playing in the woods when they encounter the Fairy Teacher Mother Superstar Queen, also known as Betty.  She empowers the girls with super abilities and provides them with beautifully colored princess gowns that look like "a rainbow of awesomeness" transforming them into The SUPER DUPER PRINCESS Heroes.  Kinney is given the ability to run as fast as the wind; Sammie receives super strength; and Oceana can now soar through the sky with the power of flight.

To maintain their new found magical powers there are some strings attached by the Fairy Teacher Mother Superstar Queen. The girls must agree to always be willing to help others in need, work together as a team, and be humble about their special abilities.  If they don't abide by these rules than the magical tiaras that provide the girls with their wonderful princess gowns and incredible special talents will lose their ability to empower The SUPER DUPER PRINCESS Heroes.

Just then The SUPER DUPER PRINCESS Heroes hear a cry for help!  It is a young boy who is a prince from a neighboring kingdom.  These three damsels need to rescue the prince in distress to save the day!  Working together The SUPER DUPER PRINCESS Heroes rescue the prince demonstrating that girls can enjoy cute things and that doesn't preclude them from being the heroes in a story, or life itself, that make a positive difference in the world.

For more information about this author and these characters, please visit This website also provides links to resources for parents that promote the topic of "Girl Power" and information about the next book in The Super Duper Princess Heroes series that will be promoting the theme of social good through a partnership with World Children's Initiative (WCI).  Profits from this upcoming book "The Gift of Gift" will be shared by the publisher with WCI.  Keep an eye out for this next edition to The SUPER DUPER Princess Heroes saga.  The SUPER DUPER PRINCESS Heroes - How It All Started is available to purchase from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.