Friday, December 8, 2017

Star Wars Prize Pack Giveaway

My wife and I have both scheduled vacation days off work and are letting our kids take sick days from school on Friday, December 15th so we can all go to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi together the first morning it is in theaters.  Yes my family is made up of Star Wars fanatics!  To share my family's enthusiasm about The Last Jedi, A GEEK DADDY has partnered with The Hopping Bloggers to host a fantastic Star Wars giveaway worth over $300!  

The Star Wars: The Last Jedi Prize Pack Includes:

Not all prizes are pictured. Products subject to change based upon availability.

About Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Rey develops her newly discovered abilities with the guidance of Luke Skywalker, who is unsettled by the strength of her powers. Meanwhile, the Resistance prepares to do battle with the First Order.

See Star Wars: The Last Jedi in Theaters 12/15!

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Twenty five gifts under $25 Dollars at GameStop

I popped into a GameStop the other day for the first time in awhile to pick up something and was amazed by all the interesting stuff they have in stock now that goes way beyond video games. GameStop still is a great spot for gamers to swing by for consoles, equipment and video games but these stores have also become a great place for purchasing cool pop culture and collectible merchandise as well including clothing, toys and more!  Still have holiday shopping to do?  GameStop is a one-stop-shop with a huge selection of awesome gifts under $25.

Whether you are looking for stocking stuffers, Secret Santa surprises, white elephant exchange items, or gifts for a geek or gamer in your life, GameStop is sure to have something that will be a perfect present for friends and family of any age.  Not only will you find presents that are sure to delight their recipients at GameStop but purchasing them there also won't break the bank with the store's affordable prices.  Check out 25 great gift ideas that each cost $25 or less at GameStop:
             1.    Pokémon Gallery Figures: Mew Psychic + Pikachu Thunderbolt
Sculpted and painted to showcase motion and power, Pokémon Gallery Figures capture Pokémon and their moves in amazing battle poses. Mew uses Psychic and the ever-powerful Pikachu battles using Thunderbolt! $16.99

2.     Fingerlings – Collect them all!
Fingerlings are interactive pets that love to hang onto your finger, blink their eyes, turn their heads, blow kisses, swing by their tails, and talk in monkey babble! They come in a variety of colors including white, black, pink, purple, blue and turquoise. Adopt them all and have even more fun monkeying around! $18.99

3.     Star Wars: The Black Series – Battlefront II Inferno Squadron Agent Figure (GameStop Exclusive)
Pretend to fend off the Rebellion with the Star Wars: The Black Series 6-inch Inferno Squadron Pilot figure from the all-new Star Wars: Battlefront II video game. A perfect gift for any Star Wars fan. $22.99

4.     Hatchimals CollEGGtibles 4-Pack
Each of these four adorable mini collectible Hatchimals come inside small, speckled eggs. Press on the egg to crack it and discover which CollEGGtible is inside—more than 70 to collect! You never know when you will find an ultra-rare and special edition Hatchimals! $9.99

5.     Pixel Pals
Light up your world with Pixel Pals; 8-bit figurine collectible pixel-art renditions of the most iconic characters in the history of gaming! $14.99

6.     Funko POP! Vinyl
Everyone’s favorite big-headed POP! Vinyl collectible figures come in an array of characters ranging from movies, TV series, superheroes, Disney and video game characters, plus more! $11.99

7.     Pokémon Trading Card Game: Burning Shadows Sleeved Booster Pack
Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon- Burning Shadows expansion booster packs feature 12 new Pokémon-GX and 6 new full-art supporter cards featuring human characters. $3.99

8.     Star Wars BB-8 Waffle Maker
Make your kitchen explode with this awesome BB-8 Waffle Maker. Plug it in, warm it up, and pour the batter onto the non-stick cooking plates. In just minutes, you'll have delicious golden waffles with a printed BB-8 design to dig into. $18.97

9.     Stranger Things Action Figure, 3 Pack
Three-pack figurines from Netflix’s original series Stranger Things, feature some of your favorite characters: Will, Dustin, Demogorgon, Lucas, Mike, and Eleven – with her signature waffle, of course! $19.99

10.  Pokémon Pikachu Portable Charger
The Pikachu Portable Charger features one of your favorite electric-type Pokémon ready to Thunder Shock your phone back to life. It charges devices via USB port on Pikachu’s side and includes a handy bag strap, so you can power up on-the-go. $9.99

11.  Pokémon Trading Card Game: Mega Tyranitar-EX Premium Collection
Mega Tyranitar-EX brings all the power of a major force of destruction! With the Mega Tyranitar-EX Premium Collection, you get Mega Tyranitar-EX as a giant oversize card, plus a set of three amazing cards that work together: Tyranitar-EX, Mega Tyranitar-EX, and Tyranitar Spirit Link! $17.99

12.  Amiibo Figure Accessories
Get cool in-game extras with Amiibo figure accessories. Just tap an Amiibo accessory to the NFC Touchpoint on any compatible system or accessory to enjoy fun, in-game extra features. Works on compatible games on the Nintendo Switch system, New Nintendo 3DS system, New Nintendo 3DS XL, New Nintendo 2DS XL and Wii U consoles. $15.99

13.  Super Mario Odyssey Cappy Hat
Step up your Mario cosplay with this replica fitted Cappy Hat from Nintendo's Super Mario Odyssey. Just don't go throwing it on people, this isn't New Donk City! $24.99

14.  Call of Duty WWII Victory Olive Green T-Shirt
Take to the sky and fight for victory in new gear from Call of Duty WWII, such as this military green Wings for Victory T-shirt. $19.99

15.  Overwatch Hangers Blind Bag
Each Overwatch backpack hanger blind bag contains one Overwatch figure hanger with characters such as Ana, Mei, McCree and more. $6.99

16.  Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Wheel
Feel like you’re flying down the track in your favorite Nintendo Switch racing game with the Switch Joy-Con Wheel—a must-have Switch accessory. $14.99

17.  Tamagotchi
Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Tamagotchi with a smaller version of the original digital pet you love! Feed it, clean up after it and just take care of it! All six new styles can attach to your bag and go everywhere with you! $16.99

18.  Pokémon Eevee Evolutions Plush Clip
These Pokémon Eevee Evolution danglers are an adorable and fierce accessory for any Pokémon trainer. The danglers can be strapped to your mobile phone, keychain or backpack. Collect all nine Eevee’s! $8.99

19.  Nintendo Switch Super Mario Odyssey Game Traveler Deluxe Travel Case
Protect your Nintendo Switch with this Deluxe travel case, featuring a Super Mario Odyssey image. The case has a padded divider, zippered mesh pocket for Joy-Con straps and extra game cards. It also comes with two red transparent game cases and micro SD card cases. $19.99

20.  DC Justice League Hero Plushies
Fun-sized plushies featuring your favorite DC Justice League characters such as Cyborg, Aquaman, Flash, Batman and other heroes. Collect and display them all! $7.97

21.  Deadpool Reversible Unisex Crew Socks
Keep your feet toasty and ready to dance around the house with these Deadpool reversible crew socks. $14.99

22.  Minecraft Baby Wolf Plush
Take home a new best friend from the retro fantasy construction world of Minecraft. The soft Minecraft Baby Wolf stuffed plush is both fun to cuddle and play with. $12.99

23.  Hot Wheels Star Wars Darth Vader RC Car
The sleek black vehicle’s shape recalls the iconic helmet of Darth Vader. Glowing light sabers decorate each side, and as it rolls, it emits authentic Darth Vader sound effects for maximum intimidation. $3.97

24.  Super Mario Stress Ball
Need to relieve some stress? These Super Mario stress balls will do the trick. Choose from Boo, Shell, Question Block or Mushroom. $5.99

25.  Gift Cards for $25
And if you just can’t make up your mind, a $25 GameStop gift card is always a crowd-pleaser. Step back and allow that special someone to snag the GameStop gear they’ve had their eye on.

Need more gift ideas?  Head to

Thursday, December 7, 2017


Knowing I appreciate ARMITRON watches, the company sent me a couple of them they are highlighting as gift suggestions this holiday season.  It was Christmas come early for me while opening a gift bag they sent my way that included an athletic sports watch with duel analog / digital features and chronograph functions along with a sporty black stainless steel analog watch that looks impressive whether you are matching it with a suit or jeans and a sweater.  I've been a fan of Armitron watches for a long time because they are dependable, durable and stylish as well as affordable.

Busy guys can trust Armitron to reliably help them keep track of time with watches that also look sharp to people who notice them being worn on your wrist.  For those of us who can't afford spending thousands of dollars to buy a wrist watch because that money could be better used for other obligations, like a kid's braces or a family vacation, Armitron products tend to be under $100 and provide a tremendous bang for your buck based upon the quality these watches provide.  I wear Armitron watches all the time for both work and play!

I started off the holiday season wearing Armitron's duel analog / digital sports watch to the Detroit Thanksgiving Day parade.  Its black resin strap was really comfortable to wear on a cold day and the alarm on the watch came in handy to give me a reminder about when we had to get ready to leave so we wouldn't be late arriving at my parents house for Thanksgiving dinner.  Its chronograph with lap time will be useful when training at the high school track training for my next 5K fun run plus its countdown timer will be useful while coaching my kids' soccer teams so I know exactly how much time we have left throughout their games.

This watch shows the time with analog movement through hour, minute, and second sweep hands.  Its digital features in addition to an alarm, chronograph and timer also includes the date, time displayed in the 24 hour military format, and a backlight with 3 second delay.  It is water resistant to 330 feet which means you could feel comfortable keeping this watch on for a swim without ruining it.  At a suggested retail price of $55 this watch sure is a bargain.  I'll absolutely be getting a lot of use out of this Armitron watch myself!

I've been wearing my black stainless steel Armitron watch with my suits to work as well as when I needed to dress up for a holiday Christmas party.  Yet it also looks nice with a casual look as I have it on while typing this wearing khakis and a sweat shirt.  I really like the black and silver coloring of the watch along with its classic Roman numeral lettering on the dial.

Its stainless steel bracelet and casing makes for a sturdy watch yet it feels very lightweight on your wrist.  The watch has silver toned analog hour, minute and second sweep hands along with a panel that highlights the day of the week and date.  With a 165 feet water resistant rate it isn't as flexible for use around the water as the watch above but is still made well enough that you shouldn't worry about casually getting it wet.  At a suggested retail price of $95 this Armitron watch is dressy but not pretentious and a really great buy for the price.

There are more than 70 watches in each of Armitron's men's and women's collections to choose from. You can find Armitron watches at retailers across the United States or purchase them directly from the manufacturer at  Whether looking for a watch for yourself or as a gift for someone else, you can't go wrong with an Armitron.


Shopping around for gift ideas to get something for a dad in your life?  Turn to to find a perfect present for your special guy.  They specialize in providing appealing gifts for men and have a vast array of unique items to choose from.  From first time dad baby survival packs to make your own BBQ sauce kits for the grandpa who loves to grill out you are sure to find something at to an adult male no matter what stage of life he is in.

With astronomy and science fiction being two of my favorite topics, the "space pens" that they sell at caught my attention while scrolling through the website.  They kindly sent me one to try out and yes it is really nice to write with but what really stands out is the thrill of knowing that I'm using a pen which astronauts take with them on space missions.  You have to admit that is really awesome!

Designed in the 1960s, after 18 months of rigorous testing by NASA the Fisher Space Pen was selected for use by the U.S. space program.  This remarkable pen is guaranteed to perform in temperatures from -30 to +250 F, underwater, and in zero gravity.  It can be written with at any angle, including upside down.  Plus its thixotropic ink in a hermetically sealed, pressurized reservoir allows a Fisher Space Pen to write three times longer than an ordinary ballpoint.

Made in the USA, each Fisher Space Pen is precision assembled, hand tested and has an unconditional lifetime guarantee.  Still used on manned space flights, Fisher Space Pens can be depended on in all sorts of conditions from the void of outer space to the most extreme environments here on Earth.  Of course from my experience they work really well just  using them around the office or house as well.

Made from brass and steel construction these space pens are some of the most durable and reliable writing utensils you can get your hands on.  There are four styles of the pen to choose from.  Find Fisher Space Pens along with other great gift ideas geared towards fathers at

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Spider-Man Win The Suit

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (SPHE) is teaming up with Toys for Tots to help in the effort to ensure every child is provided a nice gift for Christmas through the auction of an impressive piece of movie memorabilia.  A Spider-Man suit worn by Tom Holland while filming Spider-Man: Homecoming is being auctioned online by Screen Bid to benefit the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation.

Bids can be placed at through Monday, December 18, 2017 before 9 am EST.  Additionally, SPHE is donating DVDs of Spider-Man: Homecoming to be distributed to underprivileged children through Toys for Tots.

"Finding a present under the tree on Christmas morning is an experience every child deserves, " said retired Marine Colonel Ted Silvester, Vice President of the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation, as part of the auction's announcement.  "With this generous support, we will be able to fulfill the Christmas dreams of less fortunate children who otherwise might be forgotten."

For Spider-Man fans who don't have the deep pockets to bid in the Marine Toys for Tots auction, SPHE is also hosting a sweepstakes for a chance to win a second costume used in the movie. To enter the sweepstakes, fans can simply take a picture of themselves showing a photo of their purchase of the new Walmart-exclusive Spider-Man Limited Edition Gift Box or any Blu-ray™, DVD or Digital purchase of Spider-Man: Homecoming at retail. For official rules and more details on how to enter, visit

A perfect gift for any superhero fan, the new Spider-Man: Homecoming Limited Edition Gift Box is available  exclusively at Walmart and comes loaded with an exclusive Funko Pop! “upside down” Vinyl bobble-head figure, only available through this limited retail offer. Also exclusive to this limited edition gift box is a Spider-Man Comic Covers Book called “Through the Years” featuring popular Spider-Man comic book cover art, as well as Spider-Man athletic socks, a collectible Spider-Man enamel pin, and the Spider-Man:Homecoming Blu-ray, DVD and digital combo pack.

Don't have the money to participate in the Spider-Man: Homecoming Win the Suit Auction, but still want to help out the Toys for Tots effort?  You can donate a toy at an  area toy drop locations, make a financial donation on the charity's website, host a Toys for Tots event at your home, office or other venue and collect toys for Toys for Tots, or volunteer at one of their distribution warehouses.  Click here to find a Toys for Tots connection near you.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Toy Insider Christmas

Being a member of the Toy Insider's Parent Panel has been an incredible experience!  I really enjoy being a regular contributor to their website, participating as a panelist for the Toy Insider Twitter Parties, and serving as a promotional ambassador for the annual Sweet Suite toy expo.  Serving on the Parent Panel has led to me interacting with some wonderful people and provided my family the opportunity to have a lot of fun reviewing a variety of amazing products.

The holiday season is an especially enjoyable time to be associated with the Toy Insiders because their is such an interest in games and toys during this time of the year.  The Toy Insiders always do a stellar job showcasing toys they've researched throughout the year and believe would thrill children to receive as presents through their HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE which is printed within November's issue of the Family Circle magazine and can also be viewed online at  They also get the Parent Panel members involved by having us do a blog post with each of us highlighting our favorite toy included within the Toy Insider's HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE selections.  Click here to see what each of us picked.

Each of the parents on the panel were also asked to have their kids go through the HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE and create a wish list of their favorite items presumably to be highlighted in a similar write up to the one us adults had recently done.  My kids enthusiastically scrolled through the Toy Insider's online gift guide yelling out toys they'd like Santa to bring them this year.  They're really going to be excited to find out though that instead of using those ideas as part of a blog post, our family had a huge box delivered to the house filled with giftwrapped presents for my son and daughter.  How amazing was that of the Toy Insider for them to do that?!

I'm going to keep these presents a surprise from my kids and we're going to have an extra special Toy Insider Christmas this year.  To avoid my twins getting duplicate gifts from relatives, Santa or mom and dad, I did peel open the wrapping and peek inside each of the gifts.  Do you want to know what was inside all the presents from our Toy Insider's gift box?  Ok ... just between us I'll let you know what I found:



My eight year old boy is infatuated with magic tricks so he's going to be thrilled to get this MAGIC HAT set from Thames & Kosmos.  It provides the opportunity to learn and perform 35 different magic tricks. There are more than 40 props and instructions to learn tricks, such as making a magic wand float, bend, and grow.


My son is also really into the Netflix VOLTRON animated series so he'll definitely be excited to unwrap this diecast lion figure from the show.  Playmate Toys sells the 5 lion vehicles featured in the Netflix episodes individually and they can all be combined to create a robot warrior.


He has been obsessed with the LEGO NINJAGO MOVIE all year long so my son is going to be delighted by this GREEN NINJA MECH DRAGON from LEGO.  I know this toy is going to get a lot of use once it is put together!  The 544-piece mech features articulated snapping jaws, a fully poseable body, a wheel-activated swooshing tail, two leg-mounted stud shooters, and two hidden pop-out thrusters. Plus it comes with four Ninjago mini-figures with assorted weapons.



LEGO toys aren't just for boys and my daughter loves playing and building with them just as much as her twin brother does.  She's going to have a lot of fun playing with this winter themed play set. Build the ultimate winter sports resort, featuring a working ski lift, a rock climbing wall, a ski slope sliding function, and more. The 585-piece set includes two mini-dolls and a bear cub figure.


My passion for Star Wars movies has rubbed off on my daughter.  She went as Rey for Halloween one year and will be so happy to unwrap a doll featuring her favorite Star Wars character.  The 11-inch sized dolls in the Hasbro Forces of Destiny collection are articulated with soft clothing, rooted hair, and battle-ready action moves.


My daughter already has a lot of fun playing with the HAPPY PLACES toy sets she already has; so I know she's going to appreciate being able to add some furniture to her collection from one of her favorite movies, Beauty & the BeastMoose Toys has created Disney-themed furniture and home décor to add a special touch to HAPPY PLACES rooms. This play set features two rooms and exclusive Belle home décor accessories.

Have yourself a Toy Insider Christmas by perusing their HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE as part of your holiday shopping routine.  In addition to an overall list of suggestions broken down by age groups (Infants & Toddlers / Preschool / Grade School / Tweens), the Toy Insider also has specific recommendations on the HOT TOYS of the year, plus highlights items specifically in the tech and STEM categories.  Each toy has an informative description included with a picture as well as symbols that designate skill sets that will benefit from playing with it such as motor skills, school readiness and social interactions. Plus you won't be surprised if a toy needs batteries or not because each listing clearly identifies whether or not they are needed.  The Toy Insider website is a great resource to help you find the perfect gifts for the children in your life.

Don't just visit during the holiday season though! They publish informative toy reviews by trustworthy expert staff throughout the year on everything from action figures and dolls to remote control cars and video games.  As well as feature articles by good ole me! Did I mention they also regularly host some fabulous contests and giveaways too!  The Toy Insider's website is one you definitely should bookmark because it is a valuable resource to take advantage of.  You know they have A Geek Daddy nod of approval!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Avoid Putrid Holidays

The holiday season is a great time for having people over for a good time at your home.  Your house may be festively decorated and guests can be provided all the food and beverages they can indulge in but your get together is sure to be a bust if you have a plugged up and putrid smelling septic system.  Are you taking the proper precautions with your septic system to prevent unexpected problems like backups or foul smells while you are entertaining for the holidays?  Here are some easy tips for being proactive throughout the year when your house is on a septic system to help avoid having a putrid holiday:

Conserve Water

Reducing water flow provides more time for the waste to be degraded and filtered helping to avoid the system becoming strained and your drain field being eroded which can lead to clogging and other troubles.

Watch What You Flush

Primarily only toilet paper, water and human waste should be flushed through your plumbing into a home's septic system.  People have a tendency to toss diapers, cigarettes, paper towels, facial tissues, sanitary napkins, tampons, condoms, and a whole array of other things into their toilets which are sure to cause problems when flushed into a septic system.  Plus dumping unwanted grease, motor oils, and paint into other household sewer outlets attached to a septic system are a real no no too!

Don't Use A Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals add lots of solid waste, especially coffee grounds, egg shells, and nut shells, that aren't ideal for a septic system to process and break down. They also funnel a lot of fats and grease too that are really bad for clogging up both pipes and the overall septic system.  If you are going to use a garbage disposal your system's septic tank should be pumped out two to three times per year (compared to every 3 to 5 years otherwise) to remove the solids that are sure to be accumulating which can cause lots of trouble.

Avoid Rain Runoff

Don't allow rain and snow melt flowing off roofs, driveways and patios to drain in proximity to your septic system. This will overwhelm the drain field damaging it and create backflow situations into your house.

Grass Is Your Ally

Make sure to maintain a healthy layer of grass over top of your system's drain field.  Don't place impermeable materials, such as brick pavers, concrete or asphalt, on top of your drain field.  Grass facilitates oxygen getting into the drain field which is essential for fostering the bacteria needed to break down the waste released into the drain field for filtration and purification.  It also absorbs water being flushed from the septic system.

Use ROTO-ROOTER Septic Treatment Once Per Month

Roto-Rooter Septic Treatment is scientifically formulated to help prevent septic backups. Its natural formula uses 2X more enzymes than the leading national brand to eliminate MORE paper, fats, oils, grease, protein, and starch. This product also helps eliminate unpleasant odors and dampness in drain fields. Pour the product in a toilet bowl once per month and flush to avoid costly and messy backups.

It is nice that people can now go to the store and buy easy to use diy products backed by America's top name in plumbing, Roto-Rooter, that will allow them to conveniently and economically tackle basic plumbing issues without having to hire a professional for assistance.  Roto-Rooter Drain Care Products are available at a variety of retailers including Bed Bath & Beyond, Kroger, Lowes, Meijer, Menards and Walmart.  Before you pick some up for yourself make sure to print out a coupon from their website for a $1 off any product.

For more information, please visit

DISCLAIMER:  A Geek Daddy is financially compensated and receives free products to review as a Roto-Rooter Ambassador.  Opinions expressed are honest and my own.  Your experiences may differ.  I am not obligated to write positive reviews and the brand has requested that I be honest in my appraisals of their products.