Wednesday, November 20, 2019


The original run of the Cartoon Network Teen Titans cartoons (2003-2006) were broadcast before my kids were even born. So they weren't familiar with these characters until we recently watched the movie Teen Titans Go! vs Teen Titans for a family movie night. They really enjoyed the movie and have been asking me about watching that original animated series ever since we saw Teen Titans Go! vs Teen Titans.

I wasn't sure how we might be able to see those past seasons of Teen Titans as it has been awhile since they were broadcast on television. Just so happens though that the Warner Archive Collection is releasing the complete Teen Titans series on Blu-ray starting December 3, 2019. Coming out in time for holiday shopping, looks like I found a Christmas present for the twins.

Teen Titans: The Complete Series includes all 65 episodes of the Cartoon Network show that ran for five seasons (2003-2006) contained in a 6-disc collection. This Blu-ray bundle also includes the following bonus content:

"Finding Their Voices" (featurette)
 “Comic Creations: From Comic Book to Cartoon” (featurette)
 Puffy AmiYumi (featurette) 
 “Catching Up With ... Teen Titans” (featurette)
 “Teen Titans: Know Your Foes” (featurette) 
Teen Titans: Friends and Foes” (featurette)
 Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo (feature film) 
 The Lost Episode (bonus episode) 

Pick up Teen Titans: The Complete Series on Blu-ray from Best Buy. If you pre-order it from Best Buy using this link, a small commission will be provided to this dad blogger at no additional expense to you. Thanks for supporting!

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