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Parent and kid winter bonding activities

Sharing magical moments with your children is the most rewarding thing any parent can do. However, the options can feel somewhat limited during the winter. Just because it is cold outside though doesn't mean there isn't a long list of activities parents and kids can enjoy doing together. Here are a few ideas that I'd be geeked to do with my own kids. 

1 Indoor Sports

If your child loves soccer, football, or another outside sport, that’s great in the summer. For the winter, though, you can look at indoor alternatives if you aren't into chillin outdoors. Futsal, flag football, and indoor basketball are all options to stay active playing sports in the winter while staying warm indoors. Parents can play or spectate. Either way, you are guaranteed to enjoy some great times together. 

winter indoor sport ideas

2 RC Events 

Remote control vehicles have been a favored pastime for decades, helping parents and kids build a joint hobby. Quality model vehicles like Traxxas Rustler can be enjoyed at home, in the park, or even at registered races. As well RC trucks and cars, you may consider planes or helicopters. 

Drones have become immensely popular too. Not least because you can record the adventures and look back at the footage together. If looking for a geeky project, you can consider modifying RC vehicles or even building one from scratch. 


3 Video Gaming 

After spending such long periods stuck indoors, the thought of playing video games may not be at the top of your agenda. However, you cannot ignore their appeal to kids and they are a safety net for parents when the weather is bad. Playing online together is an opportunity to stay protective without going overboard by seeing what games your child may be playing and showing an interest in something they enjoy doing. 

Interactive video games can be great for promoting critical and imaginative thinking. Video games though can become a real time drain  and be a distraction from real world life. Try playing some board or card games to take a break from digital screens and have some real interactions with one another. Family game nights gathered around the kitchen table can make for some memorable moments and promote quality bonding time. Even as a geek dad who loves video games it is important to balance the fun of that activity. You don’t want your kids to become addicted to video games. 

video games

4 Artistic Activities

Artistic activities can take many forms. Painting and drawing are obvious options, but it could also include photography or playing a Yamaha instrument. Either way, celebrating your child’s passion and talent will make this winter a memorable one. 

Home-based endeavors can be blended with outside activities. This could mean public performances or by venturing outside to draw or paint new surroundings. If you have talent, you can be their teacher. Even if you aren't artistically inclined seeing your child's smile engaged in an activity will make it magical for you too. 


5 Winter Cycling 

When it’s cold outside, walks feel far less appealing than it would be in summer. However, cycling can keep you warm and is a great way to get some fresh air and exercise together. You can explore local parks and sceneries together while stopping off for a snack can become a great part of the ritual. Just be sure to plan your rides so that you can avoid storms and super heavy winds. Get it right and you’ll never look back. 

winter cycling

What are some of the activities that your family enjoys spending time together doing during the winter? As the weather gets cold are there things you look forward to and are really geeked to do?

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