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My daughter LOVES the movie E.T.! She has a plush toy of the alien in her room, had a Halloween costume one year of her dressed as Elliot with E.T. attached to a bike handle and whenever visiting Orlando we have to stop by Universal Studios theme park to take her on their ride. She is going to be so GEEKED that a digitally remastered version of the film is being released on IMAX for theatrical showings to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the movie.

et halloween costume

Wow! How time flies! I remember being eight years old and seeing the original release of E.T. when it first came out. Snacked on the Reese's Pieces that were being hyped at the snack stand which were plugged in the movie. It was an exciting outing to the movie theater and I was just the right age for it to be very relatable to me. Especially, the bike scenes as my friends and I would spend hours every day back then riding around our neighborhood. 

So, obviously my family has an appreciation for this movie! It is going to be fun to see it on a giant IMAX screen. Though noting it is a "classic" 40 year old movie is making me feel old. Yet there is nothing like bringing out your inner child as an adult then watching a nostalgic movie with your own kids who also enjoy seeing it. 

et movie

For more information on going to see E.T. on an IMAX screen, go to

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