Thursday, September 8, 2022


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Connecting with your kids is important, and it’s more important than ever in the age of social media that we maintain that strong relationship. It might feel difficult sometimes, but be assured that if you put in the effort, you are going to be able to see success. Here are some of the hobbies that you can try to create bonding opportunities with your kids:

Look Into Sports

If you and your children enjoy being athletic then you should look into doing some sports as a family. There are many things you can do from martial arts to adventure sports. Finding something you all enjoy doing will be the hardest part of engaging in a sport together. One of you might want to do swimming while another wants to play basketball. An easy way to resolve this is to do both or all of the sports that has been recommended. If there is a clash in days then you could alternate different weeks to keep everyone happy. Family sports keeps everyone engaged and is a great bonding experience for you all. 

Get Creative 

If you are wanting to find a hobby that involves getting dirty while having a fun time then how about putting your creative hat on. Children love creating things with stickers, glue, paint and glitter. Parents aren’t usually too keen but there are always other alternatives when it comes to creative hobbies. You could even join a pottery class so you can all attend and make something to be proud of. Whatever you make can be displayed in your home for all to see. This will create lasting memories for all of you and you can look back on it over time. But creativity doesn’t always mean getting dirty, and you can still create something too. Think of music, for instance, it’s honestly the perfect example of this. All they need is a musical instrument they love (and you too), a reliable sheet music site for good tunes, and just some time to learn to play music together!

On The Geekier Side 

The final idea is that you can try looking into the geekier side of things. As a geek daddy, I think it’s important to consider some of the geekier side of things, and that includes things like collecting funko pops. You can also sell funko pops if you have ones that you no longer like or want in the home. Then there are things like comic books, movies based on comic books, action figures, books and so much more. The point is that these are the kinds of things that a lot of kids enjoy, so this might be something worth taking a look into. 

It’s important that you are doing everything in your power to keep your connection with your kids as strong as it possibly can be. Participating in a hobby together is a great way to spend quality time with kids. Good luck in finding that special activity that is the best fit for your family.  Now have at least a few ideas to get started.

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