Thursday, September 28, 2023


Hot Wheels Lets Race

An all-new animated children’s series based upon Mattel's iconic Hot Wheels brand of toy cars is coming to Netflix in Spring 2024. Mixing out-of-this-world vehicles, adventurous characters, high-octane races and more, the new Netflix series promised to be a high-speed thrill ride. Hot Wheels Let's Race follows the newest generation of racers: Coop, Spark, Mac, Brights, Axle, and Sidecar as they attend a racing camp that always puts the pedal to the metal. 

Through exciting car races, extreme stunt contests, and thrill-seeking challenges, Hot Wheels Let’s Race is a show that while aimed at kids the whole family can enjoy watching it together. Plus, in coordination with the Netflix Season 1 debut of Hot Wheels Let’s Race the toy manufacturer will be coordinating a lineup of Hot Wheels toys and consumer products featuring the show’s vehicles, settings, and storylines.

Hot Wheels Netflix Show

Are you geeked about this new show coming to Netflix? 

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