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empire of the ants

Entomologists, zoologists who study insects, as well as those of us who are fans of Disney's "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" movies are sure to be geeked about an upcoming video game coming to PC, PlayStation and Xbox later this year. Video game publisher Microids is creating a 3D strategy game based upon author Bernard Werber's popular Empire of the Ants novel. In Werber's science fiction fantasy, ants are the heroes of the story while humans are the pesty antagonists. The upcoming video game will allow players to explore a vast photo-realistic world inspired by Bernard Werber's book viewed from an ant's perspective. 

Microids just released a trailer of its work in progress for Empire of the Ants. The video game looks amazing! Check out the Microids Empire of the Ants trailer:

In the Empire of the Ants video game, use every move to your advantage on the path to world domination. Strategy, exploration, conflict, and alliances with local wildlife species will be essential for your colony’s survival. Stand out elements of the game include:
  • Take part in an epic adventure - Take the role of a brave ant through a third person view and explore unique abilities that can help you in battle and exploration. 
  •  A 3D real-time strategy game with progressive difficulty - The game offers an intuitive experience with tutorials for newcomers to learn RTS fundamentals, while providing scalable difficulty and advanced mechanics for veteran players. 
  •  Explore vast environments and meet the local wildlife - Empire of the Ants will invite players to sink their teeth into a photorealistic forest where they will meet and interact with other ants and forest dwellers throughout their journey. 
  •  Immersive and photo-realistic - Unreal Engine 5 pushes the boundaries of photorealism - just look at the plants and wildlife! 
  •  Narrative based on the seasons - The game features a narrative that follows the rhythm of the seasons and affects wildlife attributes such as speed, resistance, buffs, and more. 
  •  Day and night environments - The maps in the game will also change depending on the time of day (day, night, dawn, and twilight).
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One of my favorite scenes in the Empire of the Ants video game trailer was watching the appearance of the Praying Mantis. They are one of my favorite insects. I'm always geeked when catching a glimpse of them hunting around our backyard landscape and pool.

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