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lawn mowing simulator

Here's a good way to get a teenager in your life motivated to get a summer job ... have them play LAWN MOWING SIMULATOR now that it is available to play on Nintendo Switch. This video game from astragon isn't just about cutting grass, it promotes entrepreneurship and business skills. Green isn't just the color of grass it is the color of money!

In LAWN MOWING SIMULATOR players build their own lawn mowing empire. This involves hiring new employees, keeping an eye on finances, marketing your business and purchasing new machines. The game includes replicas of real-life licensed lawnmowers from the Toro, SCAG, STIGA and EGO brands recreated in a detailed manner. Each mower comes with its own unique challenges, accessories and upgrades that players have to consider in order to get ahead in a cut-throat business landscape.

Game scenarios send players to various sites that include lively residential areas, historic castle grounds and huge equestrian fields. Each location presents an individual challenge that requires careful inspection of the terrain, the correct choice of blade height and monitoring of the engine load. In addition, accessories such as mulchers, strip rollers, recyclers, grass collectors and flail mowers add to the high level of realism.

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LAWN MOWING SIMULATOR offers individual gaming experiences for every preference with the career mode, the exclusive Quick Mow Mode, which is currently only available in the Switch version, and a challenge mode. Additionally, the Landmark Edition for the Nintendo Switch includes additional content beyond the game's Standard Edition. The Nintendo Switch Landmark Edition also consists of "Dino Safari", where players are transported to four enclosures of a dinosaur park whose lawns need to be carefully tended as well as "Ancient Britain" where the green spaces of remarkable sites in England have to be maintained.

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Do you have what it takes to build a lawn mowing empire? Give it a shot on the Nintendo Switch LAWN MOWING SIMULATOR from astragon. If this game has piqued your interest, you may also want to check out astragon's construction, police and firefighter themed simulators.

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